Bonder Page for Paniya Caer


Name Reznik
Age 18
Gender Male
Family Twin of Grenivdel
Pets None
Appearance Tall and muscular, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He looks like a day on the beach.
Thoughts Rebel WITH a cause. Namely being popular and liked by others. He doesn't know when to stop though. He hates it when Grenivdel tries to talk him out of doing "stupid things".


Wine Red male Gedawik (Caer Paniya Clutch 2, Parents Purple Ksotsik and Black Farabak)

Physical Appearance

Ripply shiny reflective wingsails; 6’6s; power level 73; 

Powers 6 think to others than bond/dragons; 5 verbal speech, sense animals; 4 (command dragons - this is a rarely used power for this dragon) fire breath (6 highest >> 1 lowest ability)


Strange, who could be calling him? Reznik didn’t know. He had gone out to meet some friends and knew there wasn’t anyone here. He dashed over the grass to the shadow of a big tree just in case. Then he saw Grenivdel looking out of the window. He let his breath escape, just his sister. If he could just get to the others. He was nervous. They would be able to help him. He needed a drink. That would calm him down.
He would meet "the boss" tonight. A man who was respected and feared by all who knew him. It was a big step for him. Until now he had just done the club's dirty work. Delivering packages and temporarily keeping some stuff at his house. Small stuff, nothing important. There must be thousands of others willing to do what he was doing. But they had chosen him. And now he'd meet "the boss".
"The boss" was a small and slender boy of about 17 years. Reznik had imagined a tall and dark man older than himself. There was something odd about this boy too. He looked too slick. Maybe it were his eyes. They were really dark and hostile. But then, didn't he hate the world too?
"the boss" -Reznik wondered what his name was- hushed everyone to silence and then spoke:
"We have a new member amongst us. But before he's found worthy, he needs to undergo some challenges!" Loud cheers all around. The new member would be him, Reznik knew all the others were already members. He got nervous again. He sipped from his drink. He hadn't eaten since that morning and was getting hungry. He didn't see any food around though. He was so nervous he would just burn that alcohol off. He had only had two glasses.
"Come closer." Reznik came closer.
"Friend, the first trial is the cruelty trial. You see before you 2 bunnies. Kill them." Thos last words were spoken with an eerie soft voice. He couldn't hurt them. Reznik had always enjoyed the company of animals.
"I...I can't." he said.
"Sorry...You aren't cruel. Didn't we tell you their are punishments for not obeying?" "the boss" giggled. He snapped his fingers and Reznik got pulled down.
"Drink you shall!"
Someone came closer with a barrel of alcohol. They filled a pint and made him drink it, and then another one. Then he was brought back to the bunnies. Several trials later, Reznik felt really weird. He couldn't kill those bunnies, at first because he didn't want to, later because he couldn't. He could barely stand or control his movements. He passed out.

They brought him home and tossed him in the yard. It wasn't their job to watch over him. He couldn't even handle a little liquor! A soft red glare came down on them from above. It shrieked.
Swave didn't like these humans. What were they doing to the other he knew? He flew around them, trying to see what happened.
They just left. The other dropped on the grass. Swave tried to wake him. He pulled his sleeves.

Reznik awoke from his drunken sleep in the yard. Something pulling at his sleeve. He felt sick. This wasn't right. He tried to get up, but his arms felt like rubber. His entire body was sore. He gave up and fell back down, sleeping before his face hit the ground.
The small red flitter didn't quite know what to do. He flew around this human and decided he could go sleep too. He teleported back in the room of the human with the soft red hair and went to sleep.

He awoke again. He was laying in a bed and was very sick. His stomach nearly turning as he opened his eyes.
"Easy. You don't want to do too much in your condition."
It was Eowelia. He had seen her a couple of times with his sister.
"Where am I?"
"At the Caer. And you'll stay here. Just long enough to see your sister bond."
Reznik was really confused.
"She is a bonder for our current clutch."
"It a better way to be respected than what you are doing."
He could hear Eo's disgust in those words.
"Who told you I'm doing this to be respected? I do this because I'm mad at the world and I don't see the point in it anymore."
"You are really convinced it's that, right?"
"Why else?"

Eo shook her head and left him. He was too far gone at the moment to realise what he was doing. She had seen it often enough before.

Reznik closed is eyes again, but he couldn't sleep anymore. He was wide awake and thought of what had happened. He had never known Grenivdel wanted to bond. But then, when was the last time he had really spoken to her? Half a year ago? He knew she liked coming to the Caer, but he had just thought it was because of that retched Eowelia.
He slowly got up. He was still weak, and his stomach ached, but he knew he wasn't going to throw up. The room he was in was shady and cool. He went out and saw that it was night. Stars shining high above him. He looked around the Caer and saw the dunes.
He wanted to think about Grenivdel bonding a dragon. the dunes would be perfect. His head wasn't all that clear yet. He moved carefully towards the dunes and jumped in the air when he heard: "You won't get to see them!"
"Who's there?"
"None of your business. Move on and don't think about taking them. I'm watching you!"
Then he noticed the little purple patch that was a shade lighter than the night air. It was a dragon.
"I just want to think."
"Everybody keeps saying that, they swarm around the dunes and become bonders." The dragon's eyes glowed softly in the moonlight.
"Reznik? is that you?" Eo asked.
"I thought you would come here. Look at the eggs. They are very interesting."

He looked at them. They looked like normal eggs to him. But the longer he looked at them the more difference he saw between them. The interesting patterns and the soft colours swirled in front of his eyes.
"Where's Grenivdel?"
"Sleeping. It is Midnight."

They were silent for a while. Both thinking their own thoughts.
"I think I will stay too."
"Is this because I said those things earlier?"
"No, partly maybe. I don't want to be like that anymore. This will be a new beginning."
The dark purple dragon snorted as yet another human had dared to disturb her night's rest with becoming a bonder. This example didn't seem worthy at all. 

Qalam walked on the dunes, talking to the dragons and their riders: Purple Ksotsik, ridden by Contedever and Black Farabak, ridden by Arnes and the 2nd surprise clutch by Gold Fayvazh and Red Maddoz when suddenly all five of the dragons in the cavern lifted their heads as one. The purple and gold on the dunes both peered at their eggs, the purple much more excited, and the gold a little more picky about what she gazed at. So instead of suggesting a sandwich and chilled coffee, Jasmine, rider of Maddoz, hinted that Qalam should start getting their potential bonders on the dunes. He in turn communed with his dragon, who noisily trumpeted from the top of the peak and soared around the entire Caer town. While they had been eager to gather candidates, this call was meant for those who would observe as well. A few of the local inhabitants had put up the visiting bonder potentials in their homes, and hustled out with them.
Two of those stood close together, though truth be told one of them was leaning heavily on the other: Grenivdel had roused her sleeping twin Reznik, and dragged him to the sands. He’d been there before, too, they both had come past the eggs on occasion. Somewhat to the distress of the dragons there, but... none the less. They were familiar faces, and though twins, they looked rather disparate with the elegant red-haired Grenivdel, and her blond brother remaining a bit disheveled at any given moment. But he steeled himself, stood straighter and brushed the sand out of his hair when he spied Qalam - and the mothers and fathers of these two nests - staring at him in judgment.
2 eggs hatched and bonded. The first a silver with seemingly reflective wings, the second a purple. Another of the eggs that the queen was guarding more protectively than the others hatched. And, she had compelling reason to glare at the boy that she just knew would be its intended bond. Out from that egg was an incredibly shiny deep red wing, which reached out and smacked its mother’s neck a few times in the effort of breaking the shell. And unlike the silver earlier, this one’s egg did seem to have remnants of goo and liquid in it, which made the sounds of that smacking quite audible. Obviously red, and this time obviously normal for its color type as a male, the body of this dragon was much brighter and speckled with what looked at first to be just sand - no, it was a pattern of very fine markings, darker at the feet and bright at the face. Those wings and crest though! They were like liquid, and to that one bonding candidate that Ksotsik glared at, it looked more like wine than blood. 
He gulped, Reznik realized that wine would be the lowest priority on his list now. It had to be. And, seemingly emboldened by the sailor’s strange speech toward the queen, Reznik inclined his own head as he approached her and the hatchling. 
“He calls himself Gedawik, and he calls to me... I can’t deny that I’ve had my share of screw-ups. It looks like I’ll have to try living up to those standards now too.” 
The other bonder Shaeen was already out of earshot, but everyone knew he meant the sailor by now. 
“No more stupid stunts, I promise, I told you that night and I will say it again.” He tried straightening and saluting but there was goo on his hand from the hatchling’s still-wet skin, and he wound up slapping himself with half a shard of shell. Egg on his face literally, even he couldn’t stop himself from laughing with the rest at that. The queen rumbled with it too - were they on equal footing at last? 
Excited for her brother, as well as his seeming to accept his new more serious lifestyle, Grenivdel hadn’t seen the one shell nearby break and chip in a careful line. It was almost a perfect halving, and delicately held mottled silver paws pushed outward to open the top of the shell as though it was a hatch. The face that poked out after determining the opening was wide enough seemed marked as well, though as with many sand-covered wet hatchlings all around the Nexus, it would be difficult saying which dark bits were sand, and which might be dragon. It became clearer that they were markings when she (clearly she, the little queen she was) stood up and out of the bottom half of the shell, as most of her body was free from any changes in color. Her wing fingers were darkly mottled, as well as the sails, though crest and tail spade seemed much lighter in color overall. And she knew she was pretty: she stood for a moment preening and caught the eye of her mother. A brief and private conversation went on between mother and daughter, and then the dragonet strode with some amount of wobble toward Grenivdel. 
The dragonet’s wings looked for all the world like plush fur, a more matte texture than her still shiny body. She started warbling for attention, which did the job more than adequately, as the red-haired girl turned in surprise. 
Both of them exclaimed together, the dragon working up to it beforehand, and the girl blurting it out to make sure she heard it right inside her mind. The dragon didn’t speak any further, but it was clear that she would be known for being talkative. The little red caerlizard that had been hiding under Grenivdel’s hair peeked out at their laughter, but hid again when the silver dragonet locked on to him. “Swave isn’t for you to chase,” Grenivdel asserted, “but I bet you’ll like the food they have ready!” She escorted the hatchling off the dunes, where all the siblings reunited.

Climbing the mountain wall, Reznik tried to ignore Gedawik hovering by his side. Each time the dragon flapped his wings, a huge gust of wind nearly knocked him from the mountain.
"You're not helping." he told his dragon.
"Why must you climb when we can fly?"
"Because I want to become fit and hanging around on yur back isn't going to achieve that."
"I can't dispute that... but couldn't you like, run or something?"
"I hate running." 
Reznik returned to the task at hand. raising his arm and grasping the ledge that hung just a bit too high... and not making it. With a yell he lost his footing too. Gedawik grabbed his collar and flew him down.
"Not dieing would be nice too. You can't die from going on a run."
"Says you."
Reznik sighed and started again.

"Reznik", Gedawik asked.
"Yes?" Reznik returned.
"Isn't it about time we though about the next step?"
"Oh I already am. If I keep up the training regiment, we'll be able to join the fighting ranks by next month."
"Well that's fine."
"How long has it been since we... had some fun? And by we I mean you."
Reznik laughed as he caught the mental images his dragon was barely keeping contained. "Indeed it has been a long time since I've had fun. Remember I promised your mother I'd be good."
"Well, but I'm as good as an adult now, I surely don't need constant attention anymore."
"You have a point."
"I have someone in mind." Gedawik continued, nudging Reznik outside.

Lantessama Isle  -  Gineya Isle