Tanguy - Yellow Pyramid

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Name: Tanguy
Gender: Male
Age: 31

Description: Tanguy is an Asian man with the usual short stature and sinewy build. He has black hair that is braided against his skull and reaches down to his upper back in narrow strands. Tanguy has one green and one brown eye, a flat nose and thin lips. Though he has some unusual features, they aren't very noticeable until people get really close.  
Personality: Tanguy is mannered and proper but beneath the surface is a wry, sarcastic man who's looking for faults and pitfalls. He has learned that nothing comes for free and that most people are trying to get ahead. Tanguy doesn't resent that, he believes it to be a fact and knows he's done exactly the same in the past. He can come across as cold and calculated, but it is a way to protect himself from getting hurt. Tanguy has a softer side to him, but he hardly shows it.
Short Bio: Tanguy grew up in a typical, demanding Asian family. Nothing he did was ever good enough, he could always do better. Lots of pressure was put on his shoulders and though he feels he's managed to carry most of that burden, he does feel a bit stunted or misshapen because of it. He currently has hardly any contact with his parents, feeling like they're not that different from strangers. Tanguy works for a big company, but since it also pressures him, he isn't happy there and wishes he could do something else. 


It was late afternoon when the call went out to gather the novos and spectators for the hatching of the triple clutch. The light of the day was still strong, but soon enough it would give way to twilight, and eventually night. The mothers had asked for a dozen or more novos each, even though barely a third of that number of eggs was visible at any time. Wagers were made over the total number of eggs, the total hatchlings, the presence or number of queen eggs as was usually the case for these events.
Ryslen luckily had no shortage of novos. Some were “leftover” from the hundreds gathered for the Flurry. Others came specifically for the Court clutches. More yet were “regular” searches for the Nidus, what with their return to the Nexus and the growing list of Flights eventual hatchings to be held on the red sands.
The hopefuls came quickly to the sands, abandoning lessons or tasks if they had to. Most came in the white robes they were provided, though some “forgot”, and some chose to come to the sands more quickly by skipping the stop back at their quarters for the garment. Nonhuman or novos of above-average size would sometimes wear a white scarf or stole as the symbol of their candidacy, though many did not. Scores of hatchings at Ryslen had shown that while fancy clothes or bright accessories might catch a hatchling’s attention, it did not guarantee a bonding.
Someone had suggested that all of the eggs should be arranged in a line, or two crescents and an s-shape so that they’d hatch like a row of dominos, but eggs regularly refused to bow to the whims of those outside of the shell. They hatched when they were ready, and one of the larger eggs in Eilonwyth’s clutch was beyond ready. The shell snapped audibly, and the dragonet within pushed the halves of the shell apart. Light coloured hindquarters kicked the shell away, revealing the hatchling’s hide to be silver. The hatchling’s rear toes were dark red, though, his Court markings all but hidden in the red sand. The hatchling backed out of the shell and looked around, faceted eyes blinking. His front half was a warm bronze, a colour expected from this clutch. It appeared that even though this clutch was a full court clutch that some of Ryslen's magic had crept into the offspring, allowing them to also claim the Light, Night and Twilight effects.
The last two Light Court eggs cracked and the occupants shimmied their way to freedom – two nearly identical Light Browns. One moved immediately towards the candidates, stopping before a young man who’d been shouldering quite a load by himself for a long time. As soon as the brown’s mind touched his, he felt… buoyed. Supported. Helped. Loved.
“Zegrath.” The novo now tiro breathed.
"Tanguy." The brown replied calmly but energetically. They would do much together.

Zegrath hatched at Nidus Ryslen


"Welcome tiro's." their teacher said, "Today we'll be discussing the court specific abilities. Which is why you were all divided up into court instead of the usual mixed classes. All of you here are Light Court dragons and today we'll be focusing on your Fire magic."
The lecture continued and Tanguy took notes and committed a lot of what was said to memory. Some of the other tiro's whispered but Tanguy ignored them while Zegrath gave them a well-timed glare. Then came the time to practice.
"I think I might be a natural at this." Zeganth said as he effortlessly conjured five little fireballs that spun in the air.
"What about the fire breath?" Tanguy asked.
"I want to practice but I feel like I should limit myself."
The teacher had told them it was unlikely that a dragon could even hit a target in their first lesson.
"We might as well try." Tanguy shrugged, "Take the first shot as you see fit."
A perfectly aimed stream of fire hit the target and the yellow pyramid that hung in a pouch from Tanguy's neck heated and pulsed with power.

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Tanguy and Zegrath had travelled. They could not return to Tanguy's old world and they'd wanted to broaden their horizon anyway. Maybe they would return to Ryslen at some point but not in the near future. Tanguy had known what to do after he and his companions had said their goodbyes. He always had a plan ready after all. Still it was quite strange to be so completely free as he was now. And he felt himself drawing the pressure he was used to back on himself. He was already trying to put a timeframe on their travel plans.
"Take it easy." Zegrath said.
"I'm afraid I might lose it." Tanguy admitted.
"I'll keep hold of you. Take little steps and try to enjoy doing nothing for a change."
"You make it sound so easy."
"If you'd like an activity I can suggest one." Zegrath added, "You might enjoy a mating flight."

Abilities: Telepathy, Verbal Speech, Teleportation, Fire Breath, Fire Balls




Lantessama Isle
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