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Name: Sanya
Age: 87
Gender: Male
Species: High Elf
Class: Cleric

Description: Still considered young, Sanya has less than a century of life experience. He has corn-blond curly hair with highlights caused by being in the sun a lot. His hair falls to his waist when not tied up and Sanya often has a couple of thin braids to keep his eyes out of his face. He has amber-coloured eyes, a straight nose that is quite big for an elf and pointy ears.
Personality: Sanya loves being outdoors but even more than that, he loves solving riddles and digging up the truth. it doesn't matter whether he figures out who took the cooling cake or whether he solved an age-old crime, as long as the truth pervails he's happy.
Skills: Quick Thinking, Logical Reasoning, Boyish Charm. 


Sanya stepped out into the sunny meadow and looked pensive. Someone had been stealing the sweets from the local children and they had come to him to find the culprit. Some of the older elves had rolled their eyes, obviously thinking it was one of the other children. But Sanya knew better. Kids generally were clever enough to know mischief from mystery. So here he was to investigate. It would be a lovely diversion from the research he was doing into an ancient case of tax evasion.
It didn't take long for Sanya to deduct a possible suspect. One need only follow the sweet aroma of honey cakes that led him to two small winged snakes. One was a turquoise green, the other a citrine yellow. The two looked quite guilty when he found them, but Sanya didn't want to jump to conclusions.
"Did you eat the kids' honeycakes?" he asked.
"No!" the yellow chirped.
The turquoise female looked aghast but kept quiet at the obvious lie. Still the audacity of the lie made Sanya laugh.
"You're bold."
"Well... I have a short attention span." the yellow gem dragon called Zimon said, "I've long since forgotten any such happening."
"It seems you know more." Sanya addressed the turquoise Letrona.
"Oh... I just can't lie." she caved, "It was us."
"Don't worry. I'll buy the kids some new sweets."
"And treat us?" Zimon hinted.
"And buy you guys some too."

Name: Letrona
Colour: Turquoise
Origin: Lantessama Isle (Giveaway)
Size: 3-4 feet
Personality: Sweet but a bit distrusting of strangers.
     *Gem Ability:
can tell truth from lie

Name: Zimon
Colour: Citrine
Origin: Lantessama Isle (Giveaway)
Size: 3-4 feet
Personality: Boisterous and impulsive
     Telepathy*    .
     Gem Ability: increase willpower and luck*    .


Heading out with a winged snake hovering above each shoulder was a daunting task, but Sanya had learned to cope rather easily as the two seemed to help him when dealing with others. Letrona had a knack for telling truth from lies and Zimon just seemed to be able to help see things through, no matter how dire a situation got. So a little discomfort in the upper back area was a small price to pay.
"We could fly." Letrona suggested.
She was definitely the sweetest of the two, the most caring.
"I'm all up for a flight!" Zimon called out.
"Somehow Sanya figured that the meaning of both sentences was quite different...

Lantessama Isle