Name: Kimry
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: Kimry is a willowy girl with hardly any curves. She has long limbs and a tanned complexion. She has short brown hair and dark brown eyes. 
Personality: Kimry loves to be outside. She is as outsoorsy as they come and loves to hike, run, climb and swim. She is energetic and upbeat. She doesn't believe in second-guessing and makes quick but deliberate decisions. 
Family: Kimry was born on Lantessama Isle as the second daughter of two farmers. She has no intention of taking over their farm but would instead love to do something in tourism now that the Isle has opened up to the other nexus Worlds again.
Hobbies: Exploring, Sports
Skills: Athleticism, Social Interaction.
Pets: -


Kimry was climbing one of the Lantessama Isle mountains. She looked out over the ocean and wondered as she'd done more than once if she'd ever be able to climb the mountains on the large continent, or maybe even the ones on Gineya Isle. She hoped the Laedrysses would one day realise the vast potential of ferries between the 3 largest landmasses on Syl'Neriss. And if she were honest, she hoped to have dragon ferries to fly people to and from those places. How glorious that would be to fly on a dragon. As a farmer's daughter she'd yet to find a reason good enough to try and ask. Maybe she should just ask outright. A lot of the dragonriders were friendly. 
A sound nearby caught her attention. She jumped up and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw one of the Isle's Gem dragons poke it's head from the surrounding foliage.
"Goodday." the small dragon yawned and fluttered her pink wings.
"I'm sorry if I woke you."
"Oh, that's not you, it was this distant relative of mine. She got a bit too excited with her breath weapon."
Another head popped out of the foliage. All gem dragons were known to be beautiful, resembling the gemstones of their colour, but Kimry had never seen one as beautiful as this. Her hide was deep blue but sparkled with specks of silver. She looked like a starry sky. 
"Nice to meet you. I don't think we've had the pleasure before."
"I wasn't born here so I'm certain that's true." the blue dragoness said.
She flapped her wings and landed, showing another peculiar trait about her. She had legs. And not just tiny appendages, but real functional legs that could support her. 
"She's not a full relative." the rhodonite gem dragon giggled and then decided to add a little more of her power.
"I think you two might hit it off."
Before she knew it, Kimry felt her eyes be drawn toward the blue sparkly dragoness again, whose name was Auralia. How did she suddenly know that?
"Because my relative bound us." Auralia said, "Well it could have been worse."
"How?" Kimry asked.
"You could have been someone obnoxious."
"Thanks, I guess."
"Now about those plans to start up a business....  would suggest nighttime cruises as an extra..."
Before she knew it, Kimry and Auralia were talking and forgetting all about their surroundings. It would be the start of a lot of talks, dreams and plans that would change her life significantly.  

Name: Auralia
Gender: Female
Parents: Iolite Corine (gem dragon) and Tibayu (Glenn Dragon)
Species: Gem-Glenn
Origin: The Last Oddessy
Appearance: Auralia has a dark blue hide with lighter speckles. Her belly has ivory-coloured scales. She has two curved horns that are also ivory in colour. Her wings then are the shiny grey of mirror silver, reflecting back some of the blue of her body. Due to her mixed heritage, it's possible that she'll keep growing past regular Gem dragon size as is the norm for Glenn dragons. 
Personality: Auralia is a quiet and mysterious dragon. She generally likes to be around people and enjoys staying awake at night and looking at the stars (or as often happens, flying during the night). She doesn't like to stand out at parties but likes to know that she's useful to the people she loves. 
  * Telepathy
  * Telekinesis
  * Revitilisation (gem): Auralia will refresh those around her and help them stay awake.
  * Veil of the Night (glenn)
  * Eve's Awaking (glenn)

Lantessama Isle