Name Mairenn
Age 23
Family Denna (mother), Zander (father), Gregor and Felix (her 2 older brothers) and Senia (her younger sister)
Pets None
Appearance She's a tall young woman, strong and not too slender. She has brown eyes and blond hair an unusual combination in her family, most of her brothers had darker hair and blue eyes. She has small and feminine hands, she's very skilled in sewing and knitting. But her big feet have driven many shoemaker crazy, they are very masculine, making it virtually impossible to make her any feminine shoe.
Intelligence Rather naive and careless, but there isn't a bad bone in her body.
Thoughts Mairenn is a dreamer. When watching her dairy cattle, she often fantasises about every possible subject on Pern. She hasn't left her father's farm, yet she has done it all in her mind. She is hopelessly romantic.


Mairenn smiled as she thought about the green dragon she had seen only recently in the hold. The dragon had looked so certain about everything. And her rider had gazed often at the dragon, smiling. It must be fun to have someone knowing your every thought. But it might be irritating at times. When she considered the pros and cons of being a dragonrider, she thought being one would be far more rewarding then staying on the ground. She looked back at her dairy animals. They were grazing happily on the young green spring grass. Not a thing to worry about. She went back to daydreaming about dragons. She was just about to imagine being searched and impressing a dragon, something she had already done about 100 times. Normally a very pretty blue dragon flew towards her and picked her up, his rider telling her she'd be perfect for a hatching. Of course in real life, she knew things didn't go like that, but dreaming about it was ok.
As she averted her eyes to the clouds today, imagining the blue, she saw something strange. It wasn't a blue dragon soaring down, it was a cream. She hadn't imagined a cream. But she went along with the story anyway. She closed her eyes and wished with all her heart for the dragon to hear her and come to take her away as a candidate. She felt the light breeze as the dragon flew over her...that was another alteration in her usual script, she didn't care anymore though. She smiled and followed the dragon. The cream landed in the next empty field. Mairenn's heart leapt with joy as she came closer. A dazzling woman jumped down from the dragon and said
"Hello there, I'm Kirra and this is Lahelinth. My dragon informed I should stop here and take a look at a likely Candidate."
This was usually the point where it all became blurry, until the hatching sands, there she stood, waiting for the last egg to crack and then blurry again, because she didn't know what it would be like to have a dragon. But it didn't became blurry.
"You must be the girl Lahelinth was talking about, you seem to give off quite a lot of mental energy. What's your name?"
"This is real?"
Mairenn mumbled. Her face lit up.
"My name is Mairenn. Ehh, I was thinking of becoming a dragonrider, when I saw Lahelinth pop out of between I wished with all my heart she could take me with her."
"Well, she said she could with your potential."
"But I can't leave the farm unattended, my parents and siblings are away for the day."
"Well, I can come back tomorrow morning, that way you can pack some necessary items. Extra clothing and all."

"You promise? That would be fantastic." Mairenn almost lept in the sky from sheer joy.
"Your dragon can hunt on our lands by the way, if she is hungry. We don't have much wherries, but we have some runners in the field for milk."
"That's very kind of you, but Lahelinth just ate 4 days ago, she isn't the least bit hungry." Kirra said. They both had to smile when the dragon snorted and motioned her head away from kirra to gently push Mairenn's shoulder with the tip of her nose.
"ok, we will have one wherry, if that isn't too much from your herd." Kirra said with a querilous look in her eye.
"That won't be too much."
Mairenn waved as the Kirra took off. Waiting nervously for her parents to come home and tell them the news.

That night she could barely sleep. Her parents had reacted like she had expected. her father beaming with pride had sang songs all evening about dragonriders and the duties. Her mother had cried some silent tears when she heard her oldest daughter was leaving, but had kept strong and wished her all the luck in the world. Her brothers were envious of course, and her sister didn't quite get the idea of what was so fun about riding a dragon, she was afraid of heights. After some hours of making plans and feeling all tingly, she finally fell asleep. She awoke the next morning to find Kirra already waiting for her downstairs at the table, sipping some klah.
"There she is!" her mother yelled "Told you she would get up soon."
"Yes you did" Kirra replied. "Get some breakfast before we leave Mairenn. Between is a cold place to travel in, even with a full stomach."

Lahelinth lifted her front leg to help her mount. Mairenn felt awfully clumsy. When she finally sat down, Kirra said:
"Hold on tight Mairenn! Lahelinth, you can take off now."
The dragon jumped to the sky and started flying in one blurry motion.
"We're going in between. I'm with you, don't worry."
It was very dark and cold. She didn't feel a thing. it was as she had imagined between, and at the same time it wasn't. It was worse and better at the same time. She stopped thinking about it, and just let the experience guide her through it.

The arrival at Falas was amazing. From cream Lahelinth's back she could see the weyr and the neighbouring hold. Lahelinth turned softly, adjusting her flight to land at the FGPC facility.
"First we need to get you approved." Kirra said.
"ok, "Mairenn said, "I hope there isn't anything wrong with me...."
"Of course not, but we have to make sure."
They entered the FGPC and were led to a desk were a man was waiting. He gestured them to sit down in the waiting room on small, yet comfortable chairs in a small alcove. Mairenn looked in awe to the metal walls. She had never seen anything like it before.
Then a woman in a soft white robe entered and sat down beside them.
"Hello, I'm professor Ganymed. I'm here to interview you before we can admit you." she said.
"What's your name and age?"
"I'm Mairenn and I'm 23 years old."
"Where are you from?"
"I was born at Geria Hold, but left with my parents when I was 12, we went to live on our own farm on the Wide plateau in the Middle of Southern."

"Why do you think you were searched?"
"Well, I think Lahelinth likes me because I offered her a hunt on our farm. We haven't got that many wherries, but we know our duty. And maybe because I was thinking of dragons when Lahelinth popped in from between to search. I was speechless and all I wanted to do was go with her."

"I see." Ganymed exchanged glances with Kirra.
"Do you think you deserve a dragon?"
"I hadn't given it much thought, but if I impress I will be exstatic and do my best to take care of the dragon. I think the hatchlings will decide if I'm right."

"ok, which colour of dragon would you like to impress?"
Mairenn looked puzzled, dragons picked their riders, not the other way around.
"Easy girl, I just asked you if you wanted a special colour. You can hope, no-one sais it will come true, but I like to know, I'm doing a study on impressions and hope. I'd like to see if there is any connection between it."
"Well, no. The thought of owning a dragon is enough for me. I would be happy just to impress."
"ok, that's all I need from you, we will now show you the eggs."
Ganymed stood up and expected the others to follow. Mairenn nervously played with her sleeve. So much depended on this. She didn't know if life would ever appeal to her again if she didn't impress a dragon. How could one go back home and live with the knowledge that you had a chance to somebody, not to mention being able to fly, and weren't found up to it? That was something she had to ask.
Their footsteps sounded hollow on the floor, echoes made the place sound endless. Finally they stopped in front of a wide door. Ganymed stepped through and stepped aside to give Maireen the best view of the eggs.
"Remember now, you can't touch them like you would in a normal Weyr!" Ganymed said.
Mairenn took a step back and held her arms pressed against her body.
"What happens when you don't impress?" Mairenn managed to whisper.
"Don't worry, you'll be able to stand for later clutches at the Weyr."
Now, Mairenn, it's time to get you settled in the barracks. Follow me."
And so she did. She noticed other young people sitting behind computers on the way to the barracks.
"They are studying. They are learning the ways of the hatching and how to take care of your hatchling. When they have impressed, they will move on to Falas Weyr and join in the Weyrling training there. But until then, they are the Hold's responsibility."
"This all sounds very organised. How will we know the clutch is hatching?"

"We keep the sands at a strict temperature scheme. This way we always know at least the day of the hatching, and mostly even the hour. Not every clutch is the same though."
They got closer to another grey metal building.
"These are the barracks! Get yourself settled in and one of the other candidates will tell you the daily routine around here." Ganymed said as she patted her on the back and left her standing.
Mairenn pivoted on her heals and laughed. She was here!

The End of Pass Clutch at Falas was quite a spectacular event. Eggs too numerous to count lay all together, some hidden, some in plain sight. Mairenn stopped to even try and get an oversight over what was happening. Dragons were hatching all around. Entire clutches impressed at a time...
Mairenn watched as a copper and silver male was trying to get his rider to the entrance so that he might eat. His rider, however was mesmerised by the emerging colours. All these was like a dream - Mairenn suddenly found herself on the hot sands and she cursed. When she looked up she found herself face to face with a rather upset amber dragoness. "Oh, sorry, Maiyuth," she apologized. The amber snorted but accepted Mairennís further apology.

amber Maiyuth
Parents: Green Avsiruth and Blue Jesioth

Smiling gently Mairenn looked out over Falas Weyr. Her thoughts were miles away as usual and even the thunderous roars Maiuth produced in her mind seemed no more than little echoing water drops. She was dreaming of swimming, something the heat in this time of year made seem like heaven.
"mmm." Mairenn fel like she was floating on cool, rocking waves. The sun shone down on her but didn't burn because a breeze of wind kept her cool.

Mairenn blinked, "Yes Maiyuth? you don't need to shout you know."
Maiyuth sighed and knew that complaining would get her nowhere.
"If we don't hurry we're going to be late for training."
"Oh training! What time is it? Eeeh! Why didn't you say so earlier!"
Maiyuth sighed again and followed behind her absent-minded rider.

Mairenn dreamed. She was sitting in the sun, on a swing-seat. Looking out over the fields and taking in the summer smells she felt warmed. Autumn had started and the nights had grown chilly. She smiled while she dozed, tugging the blankets closer around her. It would feel so nice to actually be in that chair, watching those fields.
Suddenly, a second person entered her daydream. It was a man, tall and rather handsome. Without much intro he proceeded toward her. Sat next to her and took her hand. She was going to ask who he was, turning her face toward him, when he kissed her.
"MAIYUTH!" she screamed.
"What?" her amber dragoness asked innocently.
"You entered my daydream again."
"I did?"
"You had a random man kissing me! Don't you know a young woman of 28 needs romance?!"
"Don't you know that and adult dragoness should listen to her instincts?"
"I told you no." Mairenn said.
"You won't be able to hold it off forever."
"Not with just anyone."
"I could always hear out their dragons." Maiyuth offered.
"I still don't want to."
"You have around a week or three to get used to the idea." Maiyuth yawned, showing off her teeth, gums and the skin around her eyes that had already started to glow slightly. 
Mairenn turned around in her bed, fully awake and the happy dream shattered.
"Where can I find firestone." she hissed, "Let me mix it under her food..."

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