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Name: Souzen
Gender: Male
RaceHalf Elf
Magic AffinityWind
Artefact: Essence of Wind

Looks: Tall and lanky, Souzen is trying to catch up to his growth spurt. Despite his height, most people clearly see that he is still very young. He has straight dark brown hair, clear blue eyes, a comparatively large nose and mouth and pointy ears. He doesn't inspire much fear in others as he usually smiles and has a tendency to fidget.
Personality: Souzen is easily flustered. He is at that age where he wants to make a name for himself but it a bit too impatient to let the experience build naturally. As such he is prone to taking on too much work. His superior priests at the Square of Blue are keeping an eye on him though. As long as he doesn't go too far over his limits, they'll leave him be to learn just how far he can go without harming himself.
SkillsWhen releasing his bottled essence of wind, he can ask it to do his bidding.
Hobbies: Playing with his wind magic in the forest, rustling leaves and helping birds fly.

Family: Souzen grew up in the Sect of Wind Magicians as the fifth child of his parents. He has a lot of cool older siblings to catch up to and is hoping to be promoted to monk so he can go travelling. Currently he is still an acolyte and he needs to travel under supervision or go on short missions from the Sect headquarters.
Bond: ??? from Nidus Asteri (Empyrean Stair)
Pets: None yet but he would definitely like to keep a bird once he's a bit older.




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