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Name: Kogane
Gender: Female
Age: 48
Race: Human
Magic Affinity: Physical enhancement
Artefact: Sword and Shield

Looks: Kogane has long brown hair she keeps tied in an intricate hairdo so it won't get in the way. She has a thin nose, full lips and deep green eyes that have seen a lot of the world. She wears her armour with pride and always keeps a straight posture. 
Personality: Kogane is mostly friendly with the people she knows and trusts, but she can be a bit rowdy. Her friends know that a trip to the pub might bring out the crude part of her personality where she makes dirty jokes and gives absolutely destructive criticism about some of her peers. But in battle she is known to be a correct and cunning team-mate who doesn't mind to play dirty to get the upper hand. 
Skills: Kogane can increase the strength in her limbs so she doesn't tire while fighting.
Hobbies: Kogane enjoys collecting (shot) glasses from various locations. 

Family: Kogane grew up in a large family where siblings and cousins were always around to play with. 
Pets: --
Bond: ?? from Clan Vecira (Joint between Clan Akelara and the Vella Crean)



Lantessama Isle