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Name: Karasuba
Gender: Male
Age: 81
Race: Half Elf
Magic Affinity: Death
Artefact: Staff with horned skull and crow feathers

Looks: Karasuba is small for a man, with a lithe build and delicate features. His elven blood runs to that of pixies. He has long black hair he keeps tied back in a single pony tail, brown eyes that usually gleam with interest, a nose with a wide base and a pointed chin. He likes to wear black. Since he got to his age being careful he dresses in leather armour a lot.
Personality: Karasuba has a flair for drama and mysticism. He likes to play with the minds of others and uses his army of spirits for that. His powers are vast and there are only a handful of people who know their full extent. Again, Karasuba got to his age by being careful. He genuinely cares for the people in his order and has done a lot to amend their reputation as a reputable order. 
Skills: See and talk to spirits, but also use their senses over great distances and even manipulate objects through their presence.
Hobbies: Spying on the other orders.

Family: Karasuba has a wife and children, but his family extends to all spirits that have attached themselves to him.
Pets: --



Lantessama Isle