Flaviviridae wandered through the universe in search of people he could subject, dominate, destroy. There were so many of them that the supply was just endless. The entirety of existence was just a big playground to him. 
He relished in the cries of anguish, the whispered prayers as they saw his many eyes focus on them. His mind was on a constant high caused by his own power until he met someone... different.
"I'm not afraid of you." the blue-skinned young woman called out.
"You should be." he hissed back, his many heads all struggling to get a good eyeful of this puny human that was defying him. She needed to be taught a lesson.
The young woman brandished her nails and said: "I am ebola. I am disease. I will kill you in the long run, even if you kill me now."
"So you do know I can squash you like a bug." Flaviviridae hummed, feeling a bit better.
"Not if I can help it!"
"Or I!"
The two heads of her hydra Trinin spoke as the smaller purple hydra appeared from out of the shadows.
"Ha!" Flaviviridae boasted, "You are so weak I didn't even notice you."
"I'm just that good at hiding myself." Trinin argued.
The back and forth bravado continued until someone, somewhere spawned the crazy idea that maybe, just maybe they were after the same things. And wouldn't it be fun to cause chaos with both Flavi's gargantuan size, Ebola's disease and Trinin's cunning? Why argue when they could have it all? And maybe all parties involved were thinking about doublecrossing the others when they had what they wanted or got tired of each other. But for now, they will travel together. 



Name: Flaviviridae Selamputo
Gender: Male
Colour: Yellow with black markings
Parents: Korulantis Diamis x Ny'aune Selamputo
Species: Moss Hydra
Adult height: 20-30' at the shoulder (massive)
A long and sturdy yellow-coloured hydra with a single crowned head and a multitude of smaller mossy heads. The moss heads are in fact solid, just covered in the orange coloured moss that also hides patches of hide on the rest of his body.
: Eager to dominate, Flaviviridae wants to rule the world and he's found just the right way to do it too. Biological warfare! Is there anything more sweet than the the threat of death by infectious disease? People panicking and crushing each other as they struggle to survive? He thinks not. 

 *Breath Weapon Acid:
 *Breath Weapon Fire:
 *Natural Spellcaster:


 *Verbal Speech:

The ability to breathe a spray of acid.
The ability to breathe a gout of fire
After reaching their first decade in age, the hydra begins to develop magical ability. The older they get, the more powerful they can become.
The ability to shapeshift anywhere on a spectrum between their natural shape and a human form that tends to retain the coloration of their natural draconic form.
The ability to change one's physical size.
The ability to communicate mind-to-mind.
The ability to communicate in spoken words.

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