Arisen &
Twilight Red Zeveryth

The Hatching

The Hatching was a grand display. A lot of dragons were on the sands and in the middle sat this unreal black dragoness with golden wingtips. Arisen stood in awe. He had once thought he knew everything, or maybe not everything, but all one man could know at least. But these dragons were something special.
With ease he dropped back into his regular self. He wasn't used to doubt himself this much, maybe the fall on his head was to blame.
It had taken another two weeks for him to recover. In that time he had learned all about the basics of dragons. That was why the first hatchling confused him. At first it seemed brown, but then it became clear he was actually part silver. This was very odd. The second was a silver-silver that chose a girl.
Arisen kept watching as more eggs hatched. Until finally, only 3 eggs left, his dragon hatched. The little silver-red crooned and struck a pose similar to the one Arisen was standing in. A pose that told everyone: "don't mess with me." yet the dragonet was wobbling on his feet and raging with hunger.
"Knock it of Zeveryth!" Arisen said and escorted his bond to the outside tables.

Outside the true oddity of the clutch became apparent to all attending guests. All dragons were partly silver. A shade in between the Lights and Nights of Ryslen.
Tales were told at the tables about how they got their name: Ryslen Twilights. Arisen smiled as he saw one young woman imitating J'lenn when he had said: "Twilight, it may as well rhyme."
Of course he couldn't stay long. He felt tired and happy at the end of that day. Maybe he should once go back and thank Plevinon for his interfering.
"As long as you use me to get there..." the sleepy voice of Zeveryth said.
"How else would I go?"
Arisen laughed and slapped the little red softly on the side. "You tricked me! I won't be doing potions any time soon."


They were packed and ready to go. Arisen was a bit sad about leaving Ryslen. But his restless soul couldn't linger here any longer. There was still so much to see and learn, so much to discover.
Arisen waited for Zeveryth to help him on his back and made himself ready to take off and go between. Both of them had practised often the last weeks, ever since Zeveryth was strong enough to fly with a rider they had been planning their leave. Zeveryth had also sharpened his mental abilities and could now here lightyears away in the galaxy.

"Ready?"Ready?" Zeveryth asked.
"Yes. Take me away, doesn't matter where."
Zeveryth obliged and jumped to the sky. Barely above the weyrbowl he went between and they resurfaced high above a vast rainforest.
"Are there dragons here?" asked Arisen.

No, but there is an odd presence I want to see."No, but there is an odd presence I want to see."
Arisen shrugged and let Zeveryth fly them closer to his presence. As they were closing a big volcano Zeveryth saw the presence for the first time.
The woman stood 20 feet tall, her one eye scanning the environment. She cackeled as they got closer and started shooting fire at them from her thumbs.
Arisen felt heat close to his head before Zeveryth took them back in the safety of between. They reappeared above Ryslen.
"Let's stick to dragons and humans, ok?"



Arisen looked up and saw Zeveryth doing tricks against the light blue sky of a winter afternoon. He was getting big. They had travelled far and wide, meeting new people seeing new places, Arisen had hardly noticed Zeveryth was getting adult.
Why would this bother you?"Why would this bother you?" Zeveryth asked.
"Because It shows I haven't been paying you enough attention."

You You are my rider, I chose you because you were right for me, what more would I want?"
"A mate."
The The thought has crossed my mind."
"Of course where are we going to find one?"
There are many dragons out there. I can feel them."
"How far are they?"
Far." Zeveryth admitted with a soft sigh.
"Can you contact the closest dragons?"

Maybe." Zeveryth closed one eye and tilted his head.
Arisen waited patiently as his dragon stood there. The light grew darker and it was night before Zeveryth got through.

Dragons! Many, in a place named Cy! And ready to hold a frenzy!"Dragons! Many, in a place named Cy! And ready to hold a frenzy!"
"Would you like your first flight to be a frenzy?" Arisen asked doubtfully. Maybe he wanted to choose a female first.
No, more choice in a frenzy." No, more choice in a frenzy." Zeveryth remarked, oddly practical for his behaviour.
"Then Cy it is." Arisen said, jumping on his dragon and leaving for this mysterious place called Cy.

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