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Name: Nill
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Species: Human
Class: Warrior (Swordfighter)

Appearance: Tall and muscled, Nill isn't a standard beauty. She has short brown hair, bright green eyes and freckles around her nose. Her skin is tanned from the many hours of practice she does. She usually wears simple but sturdy clothes that don't restrict her movements. 
Personality: Nill was brought up to fight and guard from a young age. She went to train with her father who was also a sword fighter. Though the training was harsh, Nill flourished under the competitive atmosphere. She likes to do her best and get rewarded for her efforts. She's very loyal, but not a fool. She can usually tell if people are up to no good and knows when to pick a fight or when to run. 
Skills: Brawl, Dodge, Fighting (sword, dagger, can dual wield if need be)


Nill blinked, suddenly she was inside a cave and no longer in the open air below the spire. Echoes of the troll's roar sounded close but it wasn't with her. Her shoulder ached where the troll had hit her and she felt a gash on her arm where one of it's nails had dragged an angry path down. Turning slowly to get her bearings, she tried to decided which way to go. 
"Oh good." somebody close by said, "We were waiting for candidates. Having them pop up out of thin air makes the process easier. If you'd be so kind to follow me."
"There's a troll..." Nill started to say.
"Don't worry, he'll be found by one of the others and brought in front of the dragons as well."
"He's dangerous, violent and cunning."
"I'd sure hope so." the man smiled, "Now come along."

Nill is waiting to impress at Koshi Keidai's Winter Dark Heart Frenzy


(Will stay at Clan Akelara: can take one of the more dangerous dragons or one from Sunaka's clutch but will definitely keep whatever dragon she bonds on the right path)



Lantessama Isle