Lavira stood up from the big warm rock at the base of the waterfall on the main continent of what was known to her as Lantessama Isle. Several years had passed since she and Drayk had escaped from Pardain. Several years in which they had both grown up a lot. At the present time Lavira could only laugh at the foolishness of them both as they had fought for their love.
Like in a fairy tail they had both claimed they were soulmates. What had they known about soulmates back then? Nothing! Only know where they soulmates. After years of living together.
Lavira quickly counted on her fingers. She had been 16, now she was 23. 7 Years. Time had flown. As Lavira thought back about the years they had spent together she could only be happy. Times had changed fast. Beach Shards had closed and all resident riders had to relocate. Again Drayk had shown his insight in these matters. He had moved them to a growing new community called Lantessama Isle where it seemed to be late Spring forever. The water was pleasant and the forests were evergreen.
"What are you thinking about?"
"You shouldn't sneak up on me. What if I'd fell into the water?" Lavira asked Drayk who had snuck up behind her.
"You can outswim a fish, I wouldn't worry. But Inuith does."
"What's wrong with Inuith?"
"He says there won't be enough candidates for Hydrath's clutch and that she's going to throw a fit if not enough candidates sign up."
"Just like Hydrath. How's Xasnis under all of this?"
"She loves the hassle as usual. She can manage."
"And why do you tell me this?"
"Because I think I've got someone in mind for one of Hydrath's eggs."
"Who?" Lavira asked.
"Yeah, Inuith wants me to be as happy as him when he flies... and there is only one way for me to be happy when he flies... and that'd be for you to have impressed the dragon he flies."
"Just like that."
"Yup. Oh and darling..."
"Try not to do too well, he's just a blue."
"With a green mother?"
"We're not in Beach Shards anymore and weird colours have been popping up. "
"But I like weird colours."


Lavira hurried to the hatching grounds. She took her place in the semi circle and watched the four eggs closely. Four eggs, three candidates. Suddenly however, another girl grabbed her hand. 
"Hi." she said.
"Hello..." Lavira started, but then the first egg cracked.
A small green.. or Foliage as Lavira remembered she was at Lantessama rolled out. The little dragoness sat up and broadcasted her hunger to the world.
"Impress!" Lavira thought, "And you'll get food."
The green stopped and looked at her. For another moment she sat silent and then got up and walked toward Lavira.
"Lavira, who is this Inuith you are weyrmated too?"
"Thulessa! You are far too young to think about mating yet." Lavira said, blushing as she thought of the induced lust of a mating flight. Would it add a lot to her and Drayk's passion?
"But it's what you've always wanted... And now you can."
Lavira gazed up at Drayk and Inuith and smiled. Drayk waved back and grinned broadly. Surely Inuith had told him all about the little inquiries of the Foliage.

Lavira opened her eyes. She felt Thulessa's hunger. The same hunger she had felt the say before and the one before that. It almost seemed like the green was insatiable. She was growing like weed.
"Lavira..." a soft voice spoke in her head.
"I'm awake Thulessa."
"Good." the dragoness said smugly, "Can I eat?"
"You can fly, why don't you fetch it yourself."
"What an unusual concept."
Lavira could imagine her dragon sitting in the main room, probably right next to Inuith. Her eyes narrowed as she thought long and deep about it.
"I'm not sure..."
"You can take Inuith." Lavira said knowing Thulessa would love that.
"INUITH!!!!" Thulessa yelled.
"Quiet!" Lavira sighed, "No need to wake up the entire Isle."
"Inuith is a deep sleeper, I have to yell."
A groan in the other room alerted Lavira that the blue was up. A groan next to her made her realise Thulessa had woken up all of them.
"Is she ever going to stop?" Drayk asked.
"God, I hope so."
Finally Thulessa got Inuith to fly -or rather fall- down the ledge to the feeding grounds. Only minutes later Lavira felt the gnawing hunger go away.
"That's better..." she said.

Thulessa nudged Inuith lovingly on the shoulder.
"What is it?" Inuith asked.
"You know I'm adult now... You have been waiting long, very long." the green giggled.
"How would you know, you're barely fullgrown."
"I am... and you talk in your sleep." the green said smiling broadly.
"I can't wait another minute..." Inuith sighed.
"Then why wait to go through the paperwork?" the green said deviously.
"You mean going against the rules?" Inuith asked. Though by all standards he was the typical rain-blue and loved his freedom he wasn't completely stupid.
"Don't you want me?" Thulessa asked sad.
Inuith sighed, seeing the small twinkle in her eyes that gave her away. Thulessa wasn't going to give up and truthfully Inuith didn't want her too. He had been waiting a very long time. He had flown now and again but Drayk had never wanted him to win. But now...
Thulessa nuzzled his shoulder more as she felt she was winning. Suddenly she flew up, teasing him to follow her.
"I bet you can't catch me anyway grandpa."
"I can definitely when you aren't fed!" Inuith yelled and raced after her.

On the other side of the Isle the two riders were oblivious of what was happening between their dragons. That is, oblivious until Inuith leapt into the air making it a real flight.
"What's happening?" Lavira asked, looking up at the sudden spurt of emotions she felt.
Drayk not unfamiliar with the event quickly caught on.
"They're flying!" he said.
"They do that so often, why is this different?" Lavira asked.
"This is the kind of flying that produces eggs." Drayk answered turning toward his wife.
"What do we do?" Lavira asked panicking as she suddenly seemed to fly high in the air. "Where am I?" she asked.
"With Thulessa. Come, we need to get to our chambers." Drayk said not willing to lose his control on the populated beach.

Thulessa made circles around the isle, too high for her to be seen by the humans below. Almost too high for her to see the isle. She darted in the clouds, loosing all view for a short time until she popped out on the other side.
Inuith darted over the clouds, scanning them in the hope of seeing her emerge on the other side. He didn't. Suddenly she appeared behind him and touched his back.
"Tag! You're it!" Thulessa yelled and disappeared again in the clouds.
Inuith's teeth flickered as he smiled at the new challenge. He dipped into the clouds behind her and tried to follow her tail through the maze of white and grey. 
Thulessa turned as much as she could to shake her suitor. She wanted to be caught, but not when she still felt so powerful. Suddenly she came out of the clouds and entered the clear blue sky again. the next flutter of clouds at the horizon in the distance. There was nothing she could do but race toward it and hope Inuith wouldn't see her.
But Inuith saw her. He chuckled as he saw Thulessa race to the clouds, her youthful strength no match for his experience. He flew up and raced back down to gain speed and then clapped his wings back to reduce the air resistance. He fell more than he flew but in the end he caught her tail. Slowly he drew her closer and finally they were head to head.
"I caught you." he smiled.
"Yes you did... and I will reward you for it." Thulessa grinned and entwined her tail with his.

Down on the ground, or up in their cavern to be more precise, Drayk and Lavira had already given up the struggle. They were happy to be in each others arms while their dragons enhanced their love a thousand times.
"I love you." whispered Lavira as Thulessa gave in.
"I always have." Drayk answered.


Lavira impressed at Lantessama Isle.
She is Weyrmated to Drayk

Lantessama Isle