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NAME: Rayu
GENDER: Female
AGE: 25

LOOKS: Rayu is sturdily built, with broad shoulders and powerful limbs. She has straight red-brown hair and black eyes. Her wide nose and red lips give her face an unusual look. Her eyes are black on black as are her horns. Her face is usually devoid of expression, giving her an aloof and mysterious air. Her wings are a warm golden brown and very soft.  
PERSONALITY: Rayu might look disinterested and bored, she is quick to anger and prone to outbursts. She will not let anyone get the better of her and has been known to play dirty during duels and fights. She cares only for her own gain and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. 
SKILLS: Fighting, strong claws and powerful physique.
LIKES: soft textures, luxurious lodgings and rich food
DISLIKES: losing, being ridiculed and birds of prey

FAMILY: Rayu was born a part of a harpy tribe where the chicks were raised communally. As such she doesn't know which of the older women is her birth mother. She has never felt the need to form a bond with one of the other harpies and just generally tries to get as far ahead as she can manage.  
BOND: Oil Phaden'czan (m) from Arx Atra Mons


The Arena
The call came early one morning. Rayu raced to the arena, not wanting to be scooped up by some rough beast. No thank you. The feisty, short-tempered harpy arrived as one of the first. She wondered if she actually needed to be here yet. She was aiming high. People around seem to think that she would only bond one of the smaller hydra, but they were prey. Rayu wanted to do better than mere prey. She wanted a partner. One would suffice, she was not looking for a group. One who would be hers as she would be theirs. And together they would keep the bad of the world at bay. 
Rayu gazed across the Arena and her eye caught a golden gleam. She was drawn in like a moth to a flame. The oil with two heads, three tails and two sets of wings strode across the ground, snapping up a few of their smaller siblings to quench their hunger. And then they gazed back, looking Rayu straight in the eye.
"You are mine." a deep, rich voice crooned.
"You are mine." Rayu agreed.
A name surged over the newly formed bond: "Phaden."

NAME: Phaden'czan
RANK: 25 (Majestic)
SIZE: 51 feet (39-55 feet)
DESCRIPTION: 2 heads, 4 limbs, 3 tails, 4 wings. 39 to 55 feet
PERSONALITY: Haughty, short-tempered and power-hungry, Phaden is best avoided and given a wide berth. The only one he cares for is his bond and together they don't consider anyone else. 
     - Telepathy
     - Teleportation
     - Fire Breath
     - Venomous Bite
     - Poison Stinger


Phaden'czan had grown. He wasn't the strongest hydra out there but he was close. Close enough to be feared and respected and the oil very much liked to make others cower. His bond was as ambitious as he was. She had strength, more so than a regular human and she could fly with him instead of on him. Phaden couldn't have done better. 
He had everything and yet he wanted for something. A dynasty. Every potential ruler needed heirs to secure their seat. It was risky as heirs had a tendency to try to overthrow their sires. But he'd just need to make certain to remain stronger. Already he'd started looking around for a fitting female, a beast that would bear him strong offspring... and nothing was going to stop him from claiming her. 


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