There! I said it. I am Evil. That is all I know. That is how I am known here. Of course, it's strange that a man named Evil would live in this freakishly place. You see, the pastel colours weren't my idea. Neither were the sheep. I don't know how they got here, but they did. I don't even know how I got here, only that my name is Evil and that I am supposed to be here.
I've been trying to figure out how I got here ever since I saw those sheep eating another man. Yeah, they look cute and cuddly, but they aren't!

"I am back." Gregory opened his eyes and laughed. He hadn't been since the murder that had gotten him here. He looked around and noticed the odd colours and fluffy sheep. This wasn't were he had wished to be. He was quite sure he had planted the suggestion in his other's brain to move to Hawaii. There'd he'd live a live of drinks, women and sun. A normal dream for a normal guy you'd think, but Gregory wasn't normal. He was schizophrenic. Or so they had told him. He knew he was the head-personality. And he had had fun making a new one, Evil he had called it. Evil of course wasn't evil, he was good. Gregory needed that for when he disappeared, no-one would ever suspect Evil and Evil'd pass the hardest lie detector tests.
This sure wasn't Hawaii. No alcohol around. No sun around. And no girls in sight.

Where was she? Leliby didn't know. She had just opened her eyes. She liked it though. She had always loved pastels, as long as she could remember. How old was she anyway? Leliby looked down and noticed she was wearing a dark grey suit and a white shirt. Odd, she didn't have such a suit. What kind of clothes did she have? She couldn't remember...

"How are you mister Kender?"
"huh?" Dan looked up and saw only blurry forms at first, then he could make out Oliver. Oliver was a nurse at the asylum he was in. Reality came back.
"I've got your medicines. How have you been? Seen anymore of the pink and green place you keep telling us about?"
"No, haven't been there." Somehow Dan felt he needed to keep that a secret.
"Well, you still dream about it. And you keep yelling these two names you're afraid of. Gregory, Leliby and they are apparently Evil.
Dan felt himself slipping away as the drugs took effect.

Leliby was running. She was afraid, something was coming and it wouldn't be friendly. She had been running from it for a while now, how had she been able to forget the danger? The shadow of Evil that grew in her life? She felt she needed to run, because seeing it would kill her. She screamed as she tripped and fell. She momentarily lost her conscious.

Dan suddenly woke up in front of a screen. He saw them running. Leliby, Evil and Gregory. They were real. They had tricked him. He wasn't schizophrenic! They were experimenting on him! Making him see things. He had to warn them.
He looked around and saw the door. He went through and knew he was in the hall leading out. He had never been here but he knew. Dan followed the pink markings on the floor and found the door leading out. He entered the green and pink pastel plains he so often had dreamed about. They were real too.

Evil found the girl laying face down in the grass. She was sleeping. He sat down beside her, maybe she knew him.

Gregory skipped through the plains and looked at the sheep, trying to find one he could kill. They weren't human, but they'd do until he found a real person to hurt. Somehow he knew he was after a girl named Leliby. He hadn't seen her before, but he knew she was the one who'd hurt the most if he got to her. He smiled and saw a little lamb. He sneaked up to it and grabbed it. He looked the sheep straight in the eyes and grinned. To his surprise it bit him! And then he heard the sounds of others behind him.
Gregory barely made it out. The sheep had followed him endlessly along the plains it seemed, but now they were gone.

Dan found himself sitting in the grass. Those memory lapses weren't normal. They were still controlling him. He cried out and heard his voice echoing back to him. There shouldn't be echoes in plains as vast as these. Maybe he was still in his cell, maybe they had drugged him again.

Leliby awoke. She screamed as she saw the man next to her. Evil got up.
"No need to be afraid of me, fear the sheep."
How odd those words might have sounded, they made sense to her. Leliby stopped screaming.
"Who are you?" she asked.
"I'm Evil."
Leliby felt her heart tighten in her chest: "The growing shadow of Evil" she mumbled.
"I don't know if I'm evil, I can't remember what I did."
"I can't remember anything before this place."
"Yeah! That's it, I can't remember ever being anywhere else, but I know this isn't right."

Gregory looked suspicious at the tree. He could swear he had passed it before. But that couldn't be, he had walked in one straight line. Maybe if he walked East....

Dan sat in the grass. These memory lapses weren't right! They were still controlling him! Maybe they had drugged him again and he was just dreaming this. Well, he would play their game. Dan got up and started walking randomly.

"Look Leliby! More people! You don't have to be afraid anymore."
"It's them I fear...I don't like this, Evil."
"Don't be such a scaredy cat, maybe they can help us."
"I'm not sure. What if they kill us?"

Gregory grinned as he saw the woman he was looking for. Too bad they weren't alone. Then he noticed another man coming in from the North. He felt he should know this man, but he just couldn't grasp his identity. Evil alone would be easy to kill since he was unable to be violent, or so Gregory thought. The fool hadn't brought him to Hawaii either.

Dan ran up to the three others he knew so well.
"We have got to get out of here! They'll kill us if we don't!"
"You know who we are then?" Evil asked.
"Yes!" I'll tell you later, but now we need to get out!"
"I'm scared." Leliby said, doubting which man she should fear more.
Gregory just grinned. They didn't know him and he knew them. That was proof of his own superiority. Only the old looking geezer was a mystery to him.
"How would we get out here old man?" Gregory said, "I haven't seen roads leading out, have you?"
"We don't need roads. This place is where they keep us prisoners, but it isn't real. If we want it bad enough we'll get out."

In his cell alone the drooling remains of the man he once had been lay smiling on his bed. Once more his tired brain did the impossible and transported the 4 trapped persona's elsewhere.
He died, there was nothing left to fill the empty space in his mind anymore. He was empty. Ken Kender had often dreamed and no-one could stop him anymore...

Gregory, Dan, Evil and Leliby entered a world that was right for them. It didn't feel like a big change when they saw the ring of fire around the volcano.
"Where are we?" Leliby asked, grasping Evil's arm as she had finally begun trusting him.
"I don't know..." Evil said.
"Let's find out." That was Dan, taking the lead.

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