Katrien & Alain

Katrien sat down on the blanket she had carefully arranged under the big weeping willow. She had put some candles a few feet away so they would have some light while they ate, after that they wouldn't need more than the light the stars and moon provided.
Speaking of the moon... it couldn't have been more romantic. It wasn't really white or yellow like on so many other night, but a frail kind of porcelain blue. The stars were white dots alongside it and there was still some red at the horizon.
Katrien heard the gate open and jumped up. She ran toward it, her heart thumping in her chest. She reached the corner the same time he did. He of course was Alain, her lover. Boyfriend sounded so inadequate for their relationship. It was the most romantic she had ever known. They didn't constantly exchange gifts or something, but they could talk for hours discussing the most silly things. Her friends had all said her relationship wouldn't last long, but they had been wrong. Katrien knew Alain was the one for her. She was 23, it was about time she chose someone to spend the rest of her life with anyway...
She jumped up and landed happily in her arms.
"How did you know I was coming?" she asked.
"Silly, you sounded like a giraffe running from a forest fire trying to safe her favourite trees." he joked.
"A giraffe?"
"Don't you think they are graceful creatures?"
"I'm graceful?" she asked.
"I don't know if running giraffes are graceful. Maybe they are clumsy."
They could go on like this for hours and it never bored her. She had seen people turn away in disgust at all the mushy stuff, but she loved it.

Alain followed Katrien to the weeping willow. She must have had a lot of work to make it look like this. He was surprised. The wondered how long it would have taken her to light all the candles. Shame they would blow them out so soon for tonight's project.
"What are we going to do tonight?" Katrien asked, "You were so secretive about the whole thing."
"Not yet, first I have to eat, it's been from this morning and I just wasn't built to last that long on 2 slices of bread, even if they had cheese between them, which they had not, it was honey this morning."
"I think honey's better than cheese." Katrien said.
"That's because you are a girl. It's so sweet and gooey, cheese on the other hand is very nutritious."
"Honey contains a lot of sugar..."
"Sweetheart, you're all the honey I need, I don't like the taste of the other kind." Alain said and kissed her.
"I like it."
"I know, sometimes I can taste it, ugh!" he cried out as if in pain.
Katrien let herself fall upon him.
"If I ever want to get those answers out of you I'll have to torture you!" she said.
"Nooo! Everything but that!"
"Yes, I will stay on you and eat honey every time we have a date!"
"Eep! I give up!"
"So what are we going to do?"
"Watch the stars."
"Is that all?"
"Well, i can sing a song if you like, kind of like a private Valentine concert."
"I would like that." Katrien said as she blew out the last candles.
Alain started with one of his favourites he knew she liked too:

Let us stay young or let us live forever
We don't have the power, but we never say never
Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst
Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?

Katrien joined in.

Forever Young
I want to be Forever Young
 Do you really want to live forever?
 Forever, you'll never
  Forever Young,
I want to be Forever Young
Do you really want to live forever?
     Forever Young.

"Wouldn't you just wish you were up there with the stars?" Katrien asked, laying in his arms.
"Yes, the wonders we'd see and all we'd need would be each other." Alain smiled at Katrien who was still looking at the stars.
"Well, they do say in Love everything is possible. Let's close our eyes and make a wish."
"Why not?" Alain shrugged and closed his eyes.

As both lovers sat under the stars, wishing, a star flew by. Maybe someone on it saw them and granted their wish. Or maybe some unknown god smiled and winked as he transported them to the place that needed them most... in any case Cy dragonstake would be glad to have them.


Katrien was standing next to Alain, not quite noticing that they werenít alone anymore. They had come to the sands early that morning to look at the eggs and now more candidates were filling in.
"Today was perfect." Katrien said.
"I agree." Alain said and kissed her, "Nothing, safe from a hatching could make it any better."
"The eggs!! They're rocking!!" a girl suddenly screamed.
"You were saying?" Katrien asked.
Alain grinned, "Maybe I should stop wishing things..."
"That wouldn't be like you."
Katrien and Alain turned to the sands and waited for all the candidates to file in and the eggs to hatch. The first to hatch drew all the attention toward him of course. That would change later when several eggs would hatch at once. But now this first egg came into a world that was holding it's breath. The small dragon went to his chosen and the bond was established very quickly.
Alain poked Katrien and smiled as they  watched the boy walk off the grounds.
"I wish we impress soon." Alain said and winked.
"Not me, dear," Katrien quickly said, "I don't want to miss a thing from this hatching."
The next egg revealed a foot. A very pink foot, crashing out his egg. The dragon was a very beautiful swirled pink, with colours that caught the light. The dragon hesitated for a moment, but was then reassured by his mother.
"Alain, my name is Isori and I think I would make a much better companion for you than her." the dragon sounded in his head. Alain smiled and watched Katrien as she heard the little pink dragon snort at her.
"What's he saying?" she asked and giggled.
"He's saying you are the most beautiful creature he has ever seen."
Isori only snorted this time and pulled Alain away from Katrien. He was hungry.
Katrien smiled as she saw her lover leave with his new bond and then turned her eyes back to the eggs. This was too exciting to miss. Not one of the dragons that hatched were alike. Like none of the candidates were alike. She was very happy to see that one dragon bond to another. It must be hard not having a bond when you so sorely needed one. 
Another 4 eggs cracked and she relayed her attention again. One of them, a small cream came her way. The little dragon was still clumsy on her feet or tripped over some shells because she suddenly fell and gave out a squeak of pain. Katrien could feel the pain in her leg and rushed over, somehow getting that this was her dragon and hers alone and that she was needed.
"Don't worry Eraerla! I'll help you!" she shouted and nearly fell down beside her. 
Katrien stopped her fall with her arms and hastily looked at Eraerla's leg. It looked ok, though she had never seen a dragon-leg from this close by.
"Are you ok?" she tried.
"I will if I get food." Eraerla remarked.
"Can you stand?" Katrien asked, trying to support her little dragon as good as possible.
"I can." Eraerla said, rubbing her head against Katrien's arm. 

Alain's Isori

Katrien's Eraerla

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Lantessama Isle   Cy Dragonstake

Lyrics taken from Forever Young by Alphaville
Forever Young is also what's playing :) I got it here.