Twinkling Lights

Name: Terase
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Species: Dark Elf (Sorceress)

Description: Terasu is quite young for an elf but she is eager to make a name for herself. She has apprenticed under a powerful sorcerer but is largely left to her own devices which means she often does things she should not be doing yet. But she does show signs of progressing, making her feel all the more empowered and convinced of her own ways of studying. 
Terase usually wears white robes, she has long midnight-blue hair, pointy ears, a distinct nose and light blue eyes. 
Skills: Potions and concoctions. 

Bond 1: White-blue Seigetsu (m)
Bond 2: Pearly Blue Arare Tsukihi (f) 


Terase sped through the frosty night air. Her night vision enhanced by a potion and her skiing skills honed by years of living in a wintry place. She'd been gone all day and had used up most of the evening brewing potions in her secluded hideaway. But too soon her master and teacher would return and would expect her to be around to listen to him boast and to serve dinner. He taught her to some degree during his boasting, hinting at which books she could use to further her knowledge but he certainly wasn't a hands on teacher. Or even a present teacher for that matter. 
While Terase was lost in thoughts, a white furry creature with a fluffy tail jumped in front of her skies and she was too engrossed to swerve in time. Instead she fell sideways, skidding and coming to a painful stop as her thigh hit the frozen snow.
Terase curse (loudly) and then looked around for the animal that had crossed her path, fearing it might be hurt. In the back of her mind, a not so pleasant voice was telling her this creature could be trouble. A ghostly remainder of life, waiting to pounce on her and curse her. But Terase knew better than to believe those silly rumours. They only ever got told around Halloween anyway and that holiday was long past. 
A small wimper told her whatever creature she hit was still around and hurting. But it was difficult to locate it on the white of the snow. Finally her eyes fell on a small sliver of gold that seemed to quiver. She approached and then could make out eyes, a snout, then ears and a body. The creature that looked like a cross between a fox and a cat seemed to be wary of her.
"Hey there." she said softly, "Don't be frightened, I just want to take a look."
The small fox cowered and suddenly a larger form cast a shadow over Terase, blocking the light from the moon and stars. Worried she looked up, only to stare into a blue face, with bright eyes and pearly gems studded on her cheeks. The winter dragon had antlers and a fluffy mane and beard. Terase didn't feel particularly threatened by the large oriental dragon, but it was always better to be safe than sorry. 
"Uhm, Nice to meet you."
"Charmed." the dragoness said as she introduced herself: "Arare Tsukihi."  
"I see you have managed to stop my companion."
"Oh, is he yours then?" Terase asked.
"Of course he is. Unless you deem him to be yours?"
Terase was starting to feel a bit put on the spot. And she was still running late. Urgency returned to the forefront of her mind and she hastily rummaged through her bags to find the vial of restorative tincture she kept on her for emergencies. It was a pricy item, but she had run over the small fox.
"Let me just heal your companion and then we're good to go. I have to rush home."
"Don't worry, we shall go with you and explain the situation."
Terase suddenly felt like she was 15 again and sneaking into the house after a night of partying. A sense of doom spread in her mind, though it felt oddly warm and comfortable. 

Name: Seigetsu
Gender: Male
Species: Ruc/Zalor Hybrid
Description: A shy creature that is hard to spot when he does not want to be found. Tends to get up and run for some obscure reasons. Usually returns pretty quickly after his sense of curiosity has been sated. 
Size: 4' tall at the shoulder, Small
     * Extraordinary Sense of Hearing 
     * Super Speed: (available in short, sprinting bursts) 
     * Extraordinary Physical Feats: (Can leap, climb, fit through tight spots, etc. with ease)

Name: Arare Tsukihi
Gender: Female
Species: Winter Dragon
Description: A long blue dragoness with silver antlers and pearls studded all across the length of her body. She has a fluffy mane, beard and tail that shimmers with a silvery light. She is quite highhanded and tends to be pretty direct in her way of talking. 
Size: Length ranges from 30' to 60'
     * Wingless flight
     * Telepathy
     * Teleportation
     * Invisibility
     * Ice magic
     * Ice-sculpting


Arare poked her head out into the night. She'd slept through most of the day, enjoying the winter nights more than the winter days with it's harsh light and icy winds. The nights were far more enjoyable, not to mention the night sky complimented her colouring so well it would juts be a crime not to use it's ambiance.
"Are you coming?" she asked Terase.
"In a minute, Seigetsu is acting up again."
The Ruc-Zalor hybrid tended to hide himself when Terase was studying. That might have had something to do with an unfortunate accident some years ago, so Arare didn't blame him. But she wanted to go out. In fact she wanted to soar and fly and race. She felt very strong and very fast, like nothing could stop her... except maybe a male of beauty and strength. Someone to share the beauty of this night with.
"Terase!" she called, "I'm stepping out for a bit. Good luck with Seigetsu!"
And then she was off before her bond could form a reply. The night waited for no-one and it would be a waste to deny this feeling for a second longer.

 Winter Dragon originated from Planet Holic and Ruc/Zalor Hybrid originated from Dray's Adoptions
Both were adopted at the Nexus X-mas Exchange 2008

Avatar made with Portrait Workshop
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