Snowstorm and Icy Gale

Name: Sneeuw
Age: 58
Gender: Male
Species: Elf (Monk)

Description: Sneeuw is small for an elf, but he has the slender build and perfect proportions that come with his race. He has long grey hair, bushy eyebrows and a well-maintained beard. His cool blue eyes and narrow straight nose lend him an air of severity.
Personality: Sneeuw might look stern, he is in fact a jolly person who likes to give. He has a soft spot for children and always carries treats and little gifts for them. Sneeuw loves to sing and will enjoys the sounds of bells and rattles since they always carry a sense of joy and merriment.  

Bond 1: Green Dragon Whorling Pinea (f)
Bond 2: Blue-Cyan Dragon Whorling Lork (m) 

Name: Gail
Age: 42
Gender: Female
Species: Elf (Bard)

Description: Gail is an elf of regular build with long pointy ears and long blond hair that hangs nearly to the ground. She has gentle brown eyes, a straight nose and a mouth that's often smiling. She usually carries a musical instrument on her person.
Personality: Gail is a musician at heart. She doesn't like to be in the spotlight, but when there's laughter and excitement, she'll be there to make music and entertain the public. She is quite happy to stay in Sneeuw's shadow, accompanying him while he sings. She can play just about any instrument but prefers the pipes.  

Bond: Purple Dragon Whorling Kristel (f)
Pet: Christmas Hunter Cat Holm (m)


Travelling through the mountains was never easy, but good weather made all the difference. Sneeuw and Gail had run into early winter weather and were now stuck in a cabin in between settlements. They would be able to hold out for a while longer, and if the weather held they hoped someone in the next village would notice when they didn't arrive on schedule. Though with the weather as it was, hoping for a search party was optimistic. 
"Want to practice?" Gail asked and held up her bagpipes. 
Yesterday she had practiced playing the fiddle and the day before it had been the flute. She briefly wondered if maybe she could give Sneeuw the little tambourine she carried but then decided against it. Getting the rhythm right was difficult. 
"I wouldn't mind the distraction." the older gentleman replied, "But I think I'd like to prepare some soup first."
"So it can simmer while we play." Gail nodded, seeing the wisdom in her companion's words. 
After some prep work the vegetables were added to a pot and left to boil. Not long after the cabin was filled with the delicious smell of soup. The sounds of their singing and music brightened the atmosphere even more. By the time the soup was done, 2 pairs of hungry eyes had zeroed in on the cabin.
A soft knock on the door alerted the duo within that they had visitors.
"A rescue party?" Gail hoped.
Sneeuw got up to open the door and stared right into the eyes of a green dragon whorling with white fur and silver antlers. Her hooves were silver too and gleamed from her trek through the snow. Small wings adorned her ankles and she seemed as if she could float leisurely in the sky through the most fearsome of storms.
"Might we join you for diner?" the female whorling asked, "My name is Pinea."

Pinea (f)

"The smell is to die for." a blue-cyan male dragon whorling added. 
He was sturdier in build and fluffy all over with strong clawed paws and intelligent purple eyes. He seemed more playful than the green whorling who seemed to be more proper and refined. Flexing his winglike-appendages, the blue whorling introduced himself:
"My name is Lork." 

Lork (m)

The whorlings were invited in and diner had just been served when another knock sounded. Gail motioned for Sneeuw to remain seated with the two whorlings who'd taken a liking to him, undoubtedly won over by his willingness to share sweets. She smiled as she opened the door. A small furry creature ran inside, a cat with a bunny tail and holly on it's ears. 
Gail shivered as cold snow and water hit her when the cat shook itself dry. 
"I guess in is better than out." Gail remarked. 
She moved to close the door but stopped as a head suddenly appeared from around the corner.
"Would you allow me shelter too?" a purple female dragon whorling asked shyly.
The delicately marked, feathered dragoness with clawed feet and a long snout seemed a bit wary but was undoubtedly hungry for Gail could hear her stomach rumble.
"Everything here is for those in need." Gail answered truthfully, "You are very welcome."
"You may call me Kristel." the dragon whorling introduced herself, "Me and Holm are grateful to be in your care."

Kristel (f) and Holm (m)

 Whorlings and Hunter cat were adopted at the 
Nexus X-mas Exchange 2008 and originated from
Edge of Shadows
Avatars made with Portrait Workshop
Lantessama Isle