Miili x Krykhkyy



Name: Miilil Filidelunas
Nickname: Miili
Gender: Male
Breed: Godspawn/SaaShiyovi Mutt
Colour: Red and White
Size: Medium-Small (9' tall at shoulder, 22.5' long)
   *Verbal Speech
   *Death Magic
Basic Personality: Enigmatic, Childish


The part Godspawn, part Saashiyovi Miliil Filidelunas kept to himself at the edge of the sands. People looked at him funnily and he was pretty much sulking while trying to retain an air of mystery. The red and white dragon had found his way to Lantessama by chance, drifting from place to place until a strange call had caught his attention. The call has tasted of cinnamon, had smelled of snow and had sounded like chimes. Following it he'd landed on Lantessama and had known better than to leave before the end of this event. One simply did not mess with the Fates. And though the night had started on a bad note, his luck was definitely turning when he caught sight of a grey and red creature of beauty. She had feathery wings, a large mane of fur that extended down her spine and amassed in a big fluff at the end of her tail. Her curved antlers looked elegant yet dangerous and the angry glint in her eyes matched his own. But as soon as their eyes locked, her eyes were nothing but warmth and love.
"There are far too many people here." Krykhkyy remarked, "Let us leave."
"I'm pretty sure I've done all I was meant to do here." Milii agreed.
And then they flew off, away to a distant fate that neither of them recognised yet.


Name: Krykhkyy
Gender: Female
Breed: 75% Deer Dragon, 25% Fireling
Colour: Fractured grey with red fur
Size: Medium-Small (8' tall at shoulder)
   *Multiple lives
   *Fire control
   *Winter magic
Basic Personality:
Incorporating both ice and fire, Krykhkyy is not an easy dragoness to understand. Her mood is as mercurial as the weather and her sanity might be as brittle as her name implies. 


Being bonded to a childish godspawn wasn't easy. Kry often chided him for not helping her in times of need. She had plenty of abilities but wasn't as powerful as her bond. Living with a mercurial reindeer wasn't easy either, Miili often wondering what was best: to help and be scolded for thinking Kry was weak or to leave her to it and be scolded for being heartless. 
And yet both would agree that there was no other for them. As Kry had to admit that Miili did bring her plenty of little gifts that warmed her fretful heart and Miili did state that one never knew what to expect from Kry, keeping life interesting and fun. So each time their mating circles came around, both would choose each other once more.

Lantessama Isle