Name: Zashiki
Age: 16
Gender: Female 
Description: Zashiki has brown curly hair, a tanned skin and green eyes. She is tall and heavyset with a lot of curves. She is not very athletic but she is a good swimmer, living at the coast. She is okay with walking, but won't run.
Personality: Zashiki prefers to stay in one place for the moment. She might one day take up the road like her family, but at the moment that future holds little promise. Zashiki mostly remembers the absence of comfort, the long days of work and the absence of stability she had during her younger years and much prefers the easy peace of Dawn Cove. 
Family: Parents work at one of the caravans, older brother has also taken to travelling with them.
Pets: --


Pond Beroul was watching over her eggs in the Lantessama Bay and had loved every moment of living through a - for her - new experience. Always wanting to learn and know more, she was eager to see what would happen. Sometimes she'd noticed small tremors in the eggs. It almost felt like her babies had been talking to each other. Beroul herself couldn't remember anything from before she'd been born. Maybe it was a trait from the sire's side of their genetics. But before Beroul could ask Moeomth, something changed in the waters.  The change was slight and if she'd not been such a scientifically fuelled mind, she probably wouldn't have noticed.  Small fountain splashes signalled that the eggs were in fact hatching and everyone scrambled to get the candidates at the scene. As usual some approached the bay from the sea-side, while others came over the beach. Humans, dragons, and some beings in between all rushed toward the bay. When they arrived, they found that the hatchlings had waited... and had made some decisions ahead of time though those would only become apparent at the end of the hatching. 
Some dragonets dove deep while others rose up, extending thin but strong wings that could both be used to propel them through air and water. Flippered feet, webbed ears and a set of nekrat whiskers became evident as some of the hatchlings left the water. Some had colours that clearly resembled the hues of nekrats, but some were most definitely different. Like the pink male that shot up out of the water and quickly bonded.
With their feet in the water, two young people from Dawn Cove were looking toward the water, hoping one of the hatchlings would come their way. It was the curly-haired teenaged girl, Zashiki, who bonded first. A peculiar feeling of something brushing her feet turned out to be a Wave hatchling sniffing at her feet. As she tried not to pull away, she lost her balance and dropped into the water, much to the delight of the blue female dragonet.
"I made you fall! I win!"
Zashiki took it in stride because she'd anticipated on getting wet, "That's okay Ronswul." she replied, "I'll get you next time."
Only a few minutes later, the other Dawn Cove bonder, Uor, a blond-haired mechanic who preferred fading into the background, saw a white-blue shape emerge from the water. Wings floated on the surface and a head popped up, snout first, to bop him in the stomach.
"You smell so lovely, I'm certain you're mine." the moon-coloured hatchling let him know, "My name is Kirnath."


Zashiki remained at Lantessama, waiting for her newfound friends to bond. Ronswul played with the resident nekrats and other seadragons. She gravitated more toward the sea than to the sky but maybe that was because Zashiki herself had been so used to going to the sea to see the dragons that it felt strange to ask Ronswul to fly out. 
Together they grew, and gradually Zashiki started to explore. With a dragon, exploring was a lot less inconvenient. They could just teleport back when night came. And there was no need to worry as a dragon made for quite a good bodyguard. Although, they never encountered anything more dangerous than a jellyfish. And as time went on, Zahiki lost her adversity to travel.
"But would you travel to other worlds?" Ronswul asked.
Zashiki consdered the thought, but then shook her head, "Two planets worth of ocean should be enough."
"My work isn't done yet." Zashiki replied playfully.  

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