Name: Wahemi
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Description: Wahemi is a sturdy, broad-shouldered, ample-chested, curvy woman with soulder-length brown hair, brown eyes, some freckles and a ruddy complexion. She usually wears pants and shirts that allow easy movement without the risk of getting tangled. When on land she sometimes wears a frilly shirt or skirt because she does like such things.
Personality: Wahemi is jacqueline of all trades. She is handy, has a lot of household skills but is also quite strong. The crew happily uses her first aid skills when they run into trouble. Wahemi is smart and loves to gather knowledge. She uses her time on the ship doing chores but also to read and learn.
Job: Sailor, Cook, Nurse, ...
Orange Octopa Squink (f) from Gineya Isle.


Sekyrei's little clutch had been incubating in a safe section of the shoreline near Big Bay Hold, for some time now. The Wave rarely left her eggs, and her Foam mate was usually to be spotted nearby, often with a bit of food, or some kelp to line the nest with.
The alert that the eggs were hatching came late in the day, as rukbat's setting light began to colour the skies with pinks and purples. It came, surprisingly enough, not from either of the Nekrat parents, but in the form of a lithe seal, shooting through the water and jumping up onto the Pontoon which had been set up for the Dolphin Bell. Anari grabbed the bell and rang it loudly, summoning the various sea folk, before shifting into her human shape and yelling out "The Nekrats are hatching. Candidates need to go to the beach"
It wouldn't just be the candidates of course. This would be the first hatching of water based bonding creatures at Big Bay, and everyone was curious about them. Maati had taken some time a week ago to place little flags in the sands to mark out where spectators could stand vs where candidates should be. Hopefully, it would make everything easier now that the hatching was here.
As the various land dwellers gathered on the beach, so too did the water dwelling hopefuls gather together.
The first hatchling to make an appearance was a bright yellow creature with darker yellow splotching, who looked about himself curiously and then bonded. Two more hatchlings made an appearance, one the pale shade of seafoam and the other another golden sand. Like their brother, the girls were both marked with darker uneven spots.
"Wahemi! Wahemi!" The Foam knew exactly where she wanted to be, and went barrelling straight into the woman's knee, nearly knocking her into the surf. "I'm Thalli!"

Name: Thalli
Title: The Eager Student
Gender: Female
Species: Nekrat
Origin: Big Bay Hold (Dragon Pact)
Parents: Wave Sekyrei x Foam Gindelo
Colour: Foam
Colour Codes: #B2EBD4 | #38A076 | #135A3E
Personality: Cheerful | Enthusiastic | Curious | Studious | Supportive
     *Community Communication
     *Air Breathing
     *Underwater Breathing


Wahemi and Thalli returned to Dawn Cove a couple of years later: older, hardier and most likely wiser. Although both of them had learned a lot and had trained more than had been expected of them, they'd also made plans. Logical ones about their lives on Gremyne. But also wild plans about where they would settle and how they would explore the seas and oceans. And optimistic ones about how they would meet their friends again as well as a ton of new people. Neither of them was ever truly resting as it wasn't in their nature to slack off.
"Today is a good day to return." Wahemi said.
She tasted the air of her homeworld for the first time in years and smelled the good weather on the winds.
"I can't wait to dive and swim." Thalli agreed, "Do the fish taste different here?"
"Not to me, but maybe to you they will." Wahemi shrugged.
"I'll go check." the foam female eagerly replied.
And then she was off, frolicking in the depths of the water and within minutes, meeting others of her kind. Maybe someday she would choose one to mate with and grow the pod. But those days were not there yet. First she needed to build a settlement!

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Nekrat and dragonder impressed at Lantessama Isle