Name: Uraimo
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Description: Uraimo is a red-haired, stout man with sideburns, a beard and a short ponytail. He is hairy all over and has a slight belly that betrays his love for good food and ale. Uraimo is young still but acts older to gain some extra authority.
Personality: Uraimo joined the marine at a young age using a ruse and after 5 years of service left to find his fortune in the world. He soon joined a crew and through skill and luck rose up the ranks and finally gained control of his own ship. He is a wily, experienced sailor who quickly realised he was not cut out for being a merchant. But he put his military experience to good use and now they guard ships.
Job: Sailor (captain)
Jurgen, a white-yellow parrot from Gineya Isle


Sforzando let out a loud thrill that instantly alerted the sea dragons of various breeds in the vicinity that her clutch was hatching. Not too far away, Devin Sand had been scavenging. Habits die hard and even though he had yet to find a treasure washed up on the shore, he had been helping the locals with looking for flit eggs and other general chores. He'd been put to work early on, as had the other candidate Uraimo, who as a sailor also didn't have much practical use for his profession. The red-haired sailor looked considerably larger than the small orphan but being both new to the island they had spent a lot of time together and often met up. So it was not surprising that Uraimo appeared at the bay only moments after Devin.
"I'm not too late, right?" Uraimo asked, a little taken aback by how much warning they'd gotten beforehand.
For a week now they'd been told that the eggs were close. But nothing had been different about today.
"You're good." Devin reassured him.
Both men focused on the water. Lots of fins and snaky bodies disturbed the surface but it was hard to know whether or not the eggs had hatched yet. Suddenly though a little series of whistled bursts sounded and the sound was taken over by Sforzando who looked mighty pleased.
The dam of the clutch did not posses telepathy but her hatchlings clearly had inherited the power from their father as Uraimo heard a young voice:
"That's my name, but you may call me Cesura or Cesath."
"I'll see what sticks." Uraimo nodded.
Around his legs, a grey shape circled, with fins the colour of the sand below. It would be hard to keep track of this little one and something told the sailor that Cesath would very much like to play hide and seek.


The wind in his hair and the water beneath felt like home. Uraimo pulled the ropes of the little sailboat taut as his sails caught the wind. Right by the side of boat, Cesura effortlessly cut through the water. At times her tail gave the boat a little nudge, causing Uraimo to have to adjust. The sailor took it all in stride, his dolkrat was after all still the playful and secretive entity that she'd been at hatching. Though now full-grown she showed no signs of becoming more sedate or cautious. Cesura threw herself with all she had, and if things didn't work, she tried a different approach.
"Someone is calling me." Cesura suddenly told him.
Uraimo strained his ears and mind but could hardy pick up anything. But then, slowly, the high pitched thrills that were Cesura's Loch nexian name grew stronger. A head popped up out of the water and Uraimo recognised one of the older Loch nexians that lived around here.
"Want to go and play?" Uraimo asked?
"Yes." Cesura nodded, "I'll see you later!"
"Have fun!"

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Nekrat and dragonder impressed at Lantessama Isle