Name: Tohiji
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Description: Tohiji has shoulder-length brown hair that he keeps tied back in a pony tail. He has fair skin, a nose and chin that are a bit too large for his face and a slight overbite. Unlike the rest of his family, he's thin and doesn't build muscle easily. 
Personality: Tohiji is a quiet but sneaky youth. He's usually planning to do something or other and he has a lot of dreams and travel plans for when he's old enough to leave the Cove. His parents are rather supportive but ask that he wait until he's at least 18 before he leaves to see the world (and preferably with one of the caravans so he's safe). 
Family: Parents Deriaki and Gejuisu, older sister Kiisha
Pets: --


The nekrats in the bay that were keeping watch over the clutch of donated eggs sounded the alert that it was time for the candidates to hurry to the bay. They'd maybe waited a bit too long with their announcement, wanting to be sure before disturbing the people on this hot and sultry day. Though the nekrats weren't inconvenienced much by the weather, the humans were less than happy with the hot humidity that was plaguing the isle. 
From the deeper waters arrived a small blue mer-rukel called Byyla and the long black and purple-finned sea dragon Maymriekor Dacia or Memory for those with impaired memories. Byyla was by far the most sunny of the two and she watched from the waters as the darker, gloomy dragoness shifted into human form to join Tohiji, the Gremynian human and Ikeng, the dwarf werecat closer to the beach than her dragon form could take her. 
The sky took on that yellow light that announced the coming of a storm and the wind picked up, lessening the heat but not the oppressive atmosphere. Small waves could have been signs of hatching or the coming storm. People on the shore weren't certain how many nekrats had hatched and it took a few minutes more before the first decided it was time to bond. A few minutes later a second surfaced. 
And then rain began to fall and some people tried to take shelter beneath trees while others just ventured into the water since they were getting wet anyway. This made manoeuvring more difficult for the black storm nekrat that had just hatched. He had sensed an einzelganger and likeminded spirit among the waiting candidates. When he finally reached him he said:
"Let's get out of here quick, it's getting too crowded."
"Of course, Ulafar, I can't wait to see the world with you."
Because now his parents would have to let him go, right?


His parents had made him wait two more years until Ulafar was considered mature enough to find his way in the greater nexus. And though it had seemed like it would be a long wait, in all honesty it hadn't been as long a wait as he'd feared. 
A nervous jitter travelled through Tohiji's body.
"Ready to go?" Ulafar asked.
"Yeah but it's just.... I've been waiting so long for this."
"We'll be fine." Ulafar said confidently. 
The storm nekrat would not let his rider down. Together they could take on the oceans of this world and many more. And for certain they would see them all.  

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