Name: Rubozu
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Description: Rubozu has black, curly hair, green eyes and a tanned complexion. He is tall and broad-shouldered from hauling and training. He inspires fear in most people when they first meet him and that is a good quality in a guard. To emphasize this Rubozu often wears dark colours.
Personality: Rubozu is a genial fellow despite appearances. He definitely has the skills needed for his job but outside of that he prefers to listen to jazzy music while drinking some good coffee. He can get everyone to open up to him when he tries, but usually needs to tone down his aura to do that.
Job: Sailor (pirate?)
Pets: -


The day is bright and warm for the moment, with scattered autumn clouds whipping about overhead. Cerudith’s small clutch has been laid in the shallows at Big Bay Hold, guarded day and night from dangers both water based and land borne. Now, there are multiple witnesses to call out for attention when the previous occasional movements of the eggs begin to become frantic rocking.
The first egg produces a pretty grey and brown creature. He looks about himself a bit before swimming up to the shore and slowly waddling his way into land. He heads straight for Rubozu, seemingly knowing exactly who he wants.
"Bah, did you have to stand so far from the shore?" The baby complains, even though Rubozu actually isn’t all that far from the waters edge. "Anyway. I’m Funorth. You need to feed me now."

Name: Funorth
Title: The Guardian
Gender: Male
Species: Dolkrat
Origin: Big Bay Hold (Dragon Pact)
Parents: Grey-Green Cerudith x Lake Drosta
Colour: Grey-Rock
Colour Codes: #5D5D5D | #603422
Personality: Protective | Brutally Honest | Acts Grumpy but secretly enjoys company
     *Community Communication
     *Air Breathing
     *Underwater Breathing
     *Water Movement (Swimming)
     *Land Movement (Clumsy Walk)


Rubozu and Funorth arrived back on Gremyne by teleportation. Although Funorth had never been, his parents and other sea dragons knew of the place they sought and through their shared memories and connections, Funorth had had no trouble finding the place. Having Wahemi and Thalli already there helped tremendously as well.
"The two of them have already left Dawn Cove though." Funorth stated as he could sense neither of them close by.
"Figures. Wahemi never was one to dawdle." Rubozu admitted, "We'd better make haste or there'll be no more work to be done on the new settlement."
"Well, we are guards so that's okay." Funorth remarked dryly.
Rubozu chuckled, "Ah but Wahemi won't ever let us live down the shame of not helping."
"That's her problem then." Funorth grunted back, not catching the mocking tone of his bond.

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