Name: Nikoko
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Description: Nikoko is a young man with short red hair, blue eyes and freckles. He lucked out and got his father's skin tone which means he isn't as prone to burning as the average redhead. But he still needs to take care. 
Personality: Nikoko is a pretty straight-laced fellow. He tries to do his best at everything he is tasked with and is generally the boy the adults feel is responsible and one that will go far. Nikoko himself doesn't want to go far though, he feels great where he is and will forever remain someone who will do odd jobs and be a vital part of the community. 
Family: Parents are drifters who have settled in Dawn Cove. 
Pets: --


Tavula waded through the water, her sand nekrat Wamid completely chill with people wandering close to her eggs. In fact, the candidates for this clutch had been welcomed to swim, touch and talk to the eggs. Wamid in fact had enjoyed the company and extra eyes to guard her babies. It wouldn't be long now. She could feel it in the currents and the tense flicks of her mate's fins. 
"Calm down; Volludh." she urged.
"I know they are coming. Our family is growing."
The lake nekrat was teetering between panic and jubilation and was basically on edge. His bond, Keshri, was running around the edge of the island, trying to calm himself. Wamid made a small note to Tavula to keep her lover from doing another tour of the isle when he would next come by.
"Better ask the candidates to not roam far either."
Tavula's nod was hardly noticeable and she waded back to the beach to do some prep work. 
About an hour later, more people were milling about and Keshri didn't need to be told to stick around. Almost as if the babies knew that everyone who needed to be there was around, small fountains of escaping air announced the hatching. 
People stood ankle- to knee-deep into the water, sea dragons swam closer to be a part of the occasion. It was hard to see the kittens as their colours blended well with the water of the bay. Nikoko, one of the Dawn Cove bonders, had hardly noticed the bondings of the previous three kittens. His eyes had been locked on the swamp green colour that floated in front of him. The male kitten had been looking at him, but seemed as of yet hesitant to talk. Did that mean they weren't partners? Maybe the swamp hatchling was looking for someone else. Nikoko didn't really intend to try and sway the dragon's mind. They chose to bond after all. He didn't mind waiting a bit longer...
"I'm not sorry to say that you won't need to wait longer." the lazy voice of the swamp hatchling finally told him, "I was just making sure."
"There is nothing wrong with that, Jimwul." Nikoko nodded, "Thank you for making sure."
Wamid and Volludh decreed that all their eggs had hatched and that no hidden eggs were lingering in the bay, signalling that spectators and newly bonded pairs could leave to feast at the waiting buffet. 


Nikoko had returned to Dawn Cove and despite his reservations and worries about his lazy days ending, so far no-one had pressured him into doing things he didn't want to do. 
"You're busy caring for a nekrat." Jimwul told him.
"That can't be it? Can it be so simple?" Nikoko wondered.
"I'll gladly exaggerate the care I need from you." 
"I'm certain you will. I know how you love to be pampered."
As the two men were bickering among themselves, two wily females were observing them.  Some years had passed and Emmaly, now 20 and about the same age as Nikoko dimly remembered the red-haired boy from the past. He'd always looked calm and in control, though judging from the conversation that calmness had just been laziness. Somehow the thought of knowing that when no-one else did made the young man look all the more endearing. 
"I quite like his bond too." Avait, her seaweed nekrat shared.
"You like anyone who seems easy to trick." Emmaly teased.
"This is different. I don't think I can pull one over on him." Avati confessed, "Maybe I don't want to?"
Emmaly snickered and added, "Then we better go introduce ourselves."

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