Name: Fiyra
Age: unborn at impression, about 16 at present
Gender: female
Description: A mix between her parents, Fiyra has her father's grey eyes and her mother's straight brown hair. She's never been one to compare herself with others but others surely have compared themselves with her. Fiyra has a natural charm, a sunny disposition that will have people flocking toward her wherever she goes. Firya herself just loves company and having a good time. She's not good with solitude as she's always have a draconic companion and thus has never been truly alone. 
Family: Fiyra is the daughter of Finn and Diraye of Dawn Cove. She was conceived at the same time as their sea dragons had a clutch. One of their offspring lingered to bond to the unborn baby and will be a lifelong companion for her. 
Skills: People-magnet, making friends 
Magical ability: high empathic ability because of the abundance of dragons around her 
Pets: -


Guianeth was just thinking she wouldn't mind spending a few more weeks in the bay, being tended to by her mate Drizs, when she noticed the sudden change in her eggs. Small ripples and bubbles perturbed the waters. All signs her babies were trying to escape. Elated, Guianeth started a high-pitched hum. Drizs arrived within seconds and added his lower-pitched voice to the song and all over the island dragons picked up the chant. Below the surface, nekrats did the same and all who were close knew what was to happen. 
It took another half an hour before the first egg actually hatched. No-one knew how many eggs had actually been laid or what colours and features the offspring would have, but they were about to find out. A dark form sped just below the surface and other forms soon moved through the water. 
The weather calmed as the storm dolphin-nekrat moved away with his bond and yellow rays broke through the cloud cover. All candidates had bonded, but a single light-coloured hatchling remained. the white-yellow female seemed not perturbed. 
"Do you want to come home with me?" Guianeth asked her daughter.
"No, I'm going home with her." Maegolth said and pointed a flipper toward Diraye.
"She is already bonded though, to me." Drizs told his daughter.
"Not her, but the little one inside her." Maegolth said as if her parents were short a few.
"I only found out a week ago." Diraye confessed, "I was waiting to be sure."
"I guess now you are." Finn shrugged and hugged his partner. 

White-gold Maegolth


Fiyra ran toward the surf, the waves foaming as they hit the sand of the beach at Dawn Cove. She laughed loud and carefree as the cold water hit her legs and she pushed on, knowing Maegolth would be waiting to swim with her. 
"Ready to go fast and far?" the nekrat asked.
"Yes!" Fiyra whooped.
She always felt safe when she was with Maegolth. Even her parents had given up trying to warn her away from the open sea. She was 10 year olds now and figured she knew how to keep herself afloat. And Maegolth would always bring her back safe and sound.
"I will." her nekrat agreed warmly, "I won't let anything happen to you."


Maegolth played with Fiyra and some other children in the waves. Her bond was 16 now and starting to become a woman. It wouldn't be long now before she would take a more active role in the settlement and it's connections across the Nexus. Maegolth wondered which it would be. Would they stay here and live a calm life? Or would they travel around? Both held appeal and Maegolth wasn't certain which she preferred. 
As she mused, she felt eyes upon her and the sand dolkrat looked around. She didn't spy any danger, just the usual crew of boys and girls she'd watched grow up. One of them in particular caught her attention as he quickly turned his gaze away from Fiyra when he saw Maegolth look around. Snickering, the nekrat female returned her attention to her bond who was clueless.
"Want to go fast and far tonight? We can swim beneath the stars." Maegolth suggested.
"Sure!" Fiyra called back.
It had been quite a while since they'd went all out and she felt elated to have a chance to get away and play like she used to when she was a child. Her parents would insist that she was still a child, but that was hardly true anymore. 
So when the moon had risen and the first stars twinkled in the sky, she was ready and waiting at the beach. Maegolth found her quickly and together they raced through the night. Sometimes skidding across the surface, sometimes diving deep. The darkness in the depths seemed to come alive as Fiyra shared Maegolth's senses. 
And there was a sudden disturbance in the water and they were no longer alone. A brief burst of panic was settled when Maegolth told her:
"They're friends, don't worry."
The four of them surfaced and it became clear that the two nekrats had had prior knowledge of the meeting. Fiyra knew Wodan from around the settlement but had never really talked to him. His twin was usually the one to do the talking. So maybe it wasn't so strange that the young man seemed to be a bit flustered. But after a while he was able to say:
"Would you please go out with me?"
"He's a good match and I like his bond." Maegolth added a little push, swimming closer to the unusual kelp-glen seadragon Luqon whose dark teal colours were so unlike Maegolth's own bright and sunny colours. But he was a beautiful dragon, and if she was honest, Wodan was a handsome young man too.
"Okay." Fiyra said, more shy than she'd been in years.   

Intro - Mate

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