Name Frodi
Age 16
Family Father T'erm (brownrider). Mother Esma passed away. No brothers or sisters.
Pets None
Appearance Small and fragile, until she opens her mouth. She has blond hair and blue eyes.
Thoughts She's generally happy and enthusiastic, very social. She has a knack of feeling what people are thinking, a good sense of empathy.

"oh Dad, please!!" I know you need Candidates and I'm old enough!!"
"Old enough indeed, but you aren't searched."
"Figures the only place you can't be searched to be a Weyr."
"Then why won't you ask Eoth? She likes me, she'll have no trouble with me as a Candidate."
"That's not the way to be searched dear."
"I know, but shouldn't it be? I mean Eoth is the mother, she knows who she needs..."
"Enough dear, if you get searched the right way, you can stand."

Frodi sighed, how would she get searched the right way? Just like her father to not let her stand, it was perfectly normal in all weyrs to stand when you were Weyrbred....but not too her father, good heavens no! That would be unfair toward others.
She went back to Eoth and looked at the eggs.
"He just won't let me. Maybe he thinks I'm too young, but I know I am right for this clutch."
She went back outside and into the lower caverns. It was mid day and she was hungry. Inside however she noticed a skinny boy, about her age, standing lost between all the other people in there. He looked like he could use a friendly face.
"You can have some food, it's not good to be so skinny."
"Oh, I've always been skinny, I eat enough, but I am hungry now."
"Just grab something and come sit with me."

She watched him walk to the table with about 5 meatrolls and soup, he was hungry for sure.
"Do you know why everyone has so little time?"
"Of course, I'm surprised you don't know! Senior Queen Eoth has clutched."
"That explains some of it, but my Revira is important too."
"Who's Revira?"
"Revira is my firelizard."
he said and opened his carry sack again. "She's probably hungry too. She ate a lot this morning, but I'm feeling very hungry even though I've eaten more than I should have."
She giggled
"She's pretty, I wouldn't mind having one of those. But I couldn't right now, I'm standing for the clutch. I'm Frodi by the way."
He looked at her in the funniest way, but the look was gone so soon, it might just have been the light.
"I'm Ardmonevi, but everyone calls me Ardi."
"Hey Ardi, want to see the eggs?"

She could literally see him get taller when she said that.
"I take it that's yes."
"Can I? really?"
"Sure, but we have to be quiet. Eoth doesn't like too many visitors, but she's quite friendly to us, the candidates for her clutch."

Frodi went into the hatching sands and greeted the queen like she usually did. She held up her hand and looked directly in her eyes. The queen lifted one of her paws and Frodi scratched people didn't know the queen had itchy feet she didn't know. At least she comforted her now and again.
"You are sure this is ok." Ardi asked, too mesmerised by the queen to see what she was doing.
"Of course, don't chicken out now."
They walked to the eggs. "Look, every egg is different, that's what I like about them, you can almost feel like each egg has hatched for a special person." She knew exactly what her egg was like. But she touched every egg, no need to show him she wanted the queen. Some part of her thought it was silly to want a queen when there were so many other girls standing, she would be happy with every dragon, but she couldn't lie to herself about wanting a queen.
She talked to Ardi the rest of the day. He was good company, but very unknowing about dragons. Then he had to go. He almost left without taking something to feed Revira with. Luckily she knew the flit would wake up soon. She waved as he ran off and returned to the lower caverns to help.

Something was wrong. It was late, yet a lot of people were about. She stuck her head out of her father's weyr and tried to figure out what they were saying. She couldn't. She snuck down and looked for the headwoman. She had fostered her for some years and would tell her what was wrong.
"What's wrong? Why's everyone up?"
"Ahh, there you are Frodi, apparently the queen wants a candidate."

Her heart jumped for a moment, maybe the queen had requested her? But no, she would have told them who she wanted.
"Did she tell who she wants?"
"A boy who was there today with a girl. When we asked about the girl she just went all fuzzy."

That would be the scratching she thought.
"I don't know who could have been that girl, but it must have been someone from in the Weyr. But most girls were out to the Gather. Such a pretty day, I envied them. Reminds me, you were here. Have you seen anyone entering the Sands?"
"Me...erm, I might."
She was bad at lying, and had always been bad at it. "A lot of people were around."
That was too big a clue for the headwoman to overlook.
"You brought that boy in, you know your father doesn't want you to be a candidate!"
"But it isn't fair! I know you need candidates and I know Eoth likes me!"
"Of course she does and no-one would stop you from standing, but your father thinks you're too young."
"But I'm 16! Boys a lot younger than me have impressed."
"I know, but it's up to your dad."
"He's too busy making sure he's fair he's being totally unfair with me!"

The headwoman had problems seeing the girls logic, but she knew Frodi wanted to impress more badly than anything else in life.
"You could always ask the weyrleaders nicely."
Frodi nodded, she hadn't dared before, but maybe she should.
"Now, who was that boy?"
"The boy who reported the firelizard clutch. You never did come back for him."
"That's because I couldn't find him. You had run off together."

Frodi had to admit that hadn't been too easy on the headwoman.
"You know where he lives?"
Frodi said and tried to find excuses to get out of the worst punishments her dad could think of.

The next day C'rin went to get Ardi. She knew C'rin would tell the whole truth. So she could better stay out of Ardi's sight until the clutch hatched. She could do that by going to the weyrleaders, if they said she could stand, she wouldn't have lied exactly.
"Weyrwoman Teah?" Frodi said entering the sands.
"Yes?" the weyrwoman's reply sounded.
"Can I talk to you?"
"Of course, Eoth tells me you scratch divine."
"Well, no-one else does..."

"She hadn't told me. She was too busy being the perfect dragon on the sands."
"Can I stand for the clutch?"
"You can by all standards, but your dad feels you are too young."
"But I'm not! I know I'm the right age to impress. Please?"
"Well, I'll ask your dad, but don't expect much, he's pretty fixed when it comes to you."

The next day her father came in and looked down at her. Sad it seemed to her.
"You can stand."
She smiled and got up to thank him.
"But! Only at the last moment. if C'rin finds enough other persons to stand you will have to wait until the next clutch."
She wanted to reply to that unfair situation, but remained silent, at least she could stand. She'd just have to make sure C'rin didn't find enough candidates. She would talk to him about it. They were already searching 13 candidates for 10 3 wouldn't impress, she didn't want to have those chances any higher.


The bugle pierced through the night, but Frodi wasn't asleep. She hurriedly hopped out of bed and ran toward the hatching sands. Late last night she had seen one rocking. She smiled, she had kept it all to herself, so she could be there first.
As she stood waiting she watched as the other candidates came in. Ardi came closer.
"You're standing?" he asked.
"Yes, do you see 10 candidates me excluded? I don't!"
"I guess you're right."
"A little bit. What if I don't impress?"
"There are only 10 candidates."
"But what if they like someone from the stands better than me?"
"They won't."

Frodi turned to the eggs again and gasped as the first egg cracked open. A really dark blue appeared and made his choice in a heartbeat.
"Good sign." she muttered.
Another blue hatched and then two greens popped out. Would one of them be hers? The first ran to another girl and the second just sat there, thinking probably. Then an egg just next to her burst open and a brown caught the other's attention. Well she couldn't ride a brown, so she kept following the green. It was coming closer and closer.
"Are you upset that I'm not a gold?" a voice in her head said.
"Of course not Avalonath! You're better than any gold!"
"Good, now can we go eat?"
Frodi smiled and led her dragon out straight to the tables with meat on them.



"He's doing it again." Avalonath sighed to Frodi as she saw Kleath approaching.
"Kleath! Quit bothering Avalonath!"
A'nevi yelled before Frodi could say a word.
Frodi watched as Kleath replied. From the looks of it A'nevi wasn't happy with the reply.
"That still doesn't mean you can tackle her and force her to the ground beneath your big bones!" A'nevi sighed.
Again A'nevi looked to Kleath.
"Better let me know when you are going to do that, so I can get ready." A'nevi said.
"Get ready for what?" She asked.
"Nothing." A'nevi said, his cheeks getting red. That gave her a good idea what he had been talking about. She was weyrbred, he should know that she was used to the concept and thought it to be a normal way of living. She shrugged and went back to coaching Avalonath.
"Keep your wings up, He's trying to block them!" she shouted.
Avalonath flew up and twirled 2 or 3 times before landing again, laughing at her own foolishness. A'nevi came closer. They looked a while as both dragons twirled in the sky. Avalonath ever avoiding Kleath's maneuvres.
"I think Avalonath doesn't understand the beauty of boxing." A'nevi told Frodi.
"Nah, she's better in the sky, but she wants Kleath to win every now and again, it has something to do with her plans for the future she tells me. What those are I wouldn't know, she's very secretive about those." Frodi said and grinned. "You don't suppose she intends on letting Kleath catch her?"
A'nevi blushed again. How she loved to make him blush. Frodi smiled, one day, maybe Avalonath would let Kleath catch her, but he'd need a lot of practice.
"Nah, maybe she doesn't want him killing her in the middle of the night out of frustration."
he said.
"That could be it." Frodi said and decided she would leave it at that.

FLIGHT and Adulthood
Frodi is weyrmated to Ardmonevi

Frodi impressed at Darkling Dawn Weyr
Lantessama Isle