Name: Solace (translation of nonverbal name)
Gender: Female
Species: Sea Phoenix (info) - Dragonfish Hybrid (info)
Parents: Abyss-Found x Malacostei

Origin: Tris'Hath
     *Colours: Cream fading to orange with yellow glow
     *Adult Size: 40' to 80' long
     *Habitat: deep-water requiring a high-pressure water environment to survive.
                    They cannot survive in shallow water for more than a few minutes, and their bodies collapse when removed from water.
     *They take 20-30 years to mature and can live for centuries, barring illness or injury.
     *They are sapient, but do not have or use word-based language.
Personality: Deeply compassionate, Comforting but Shy and wary with difficulty trusting others.
     *Distracting Eye
     *Eternal Patience
     *Hunter's Mark
     *Telempathy (emotions, sensations, sonar-based telepathic noises)
     *Underwater Breathing (gills)



Name: Dayssin
Gender: Male
SpeciesAlskyrian Sea Dragon - Kyviar
Parents: Blue Emaeliass x Vandrin
Origin: The Healing Den Swim
Description: four legs with 3 clawed toes and webbing; two large leathery wings with one visible finger only along entire leading edge; neck has low fin crest from head to shoulders; eyes have pupils; they are able to breathe air, bearing nostrils and lungs, and only with powers can breathe below water. Head is more blunt nosed, has two standing fins on sides (Alskyran male feature, irrelevant for this clutch's gendering); forelegs are thinner; tail is shorter and ends in a split horizontal fluke with webbing. Note that his wings, and are suited best to water 'flight' but can fly for short distances or glide with strong winds without the aid of powers due to the slender and weak wing arm. His wings are of much more use for propelling through water and aiding in exceptionally strong agility in difficult currents. It is possible that his mother's wingless form may appear in offspring if bred to ones without wings
     *Colours: Sunset (bright reds and oranges)
     *Adult Size: 66' long
Personality: a Tender, Punctual disposition
     *Always knows where and when they are in space/time (6)
     *Waterbreath + (6)
     *Telepathy + (5)
     *Echolocation (5)
     *Sonic Manipulation (4)
     *Dark Vision (4)
     *Deep Swim (4)
     *Flight (1)


Dayssin returned to their meeting place. Although calling it a meeting place was a bit of an overstatement. But it was the place where he'd seen her first. It had been a chilly morning, the water invigorating and the light just filtering through. He'd been ready to start his day with a little swim. And apparently he hadn't been the only one. He'd seen her about halfway through his usual route, a stunning twin-tailed dragoness of creams and oranges that somehow faded into the water despite her bright colours. She'd spotted him only a heartbeat later and had fled as fast as she could, diving deeper than even Dayssin could withstand. And he was quite able in that regard.
But the unusual dragoness had left an impression. So he had returned dutifully to that same place at the same time, hoping to see her again. He thought he'd spotted her a few times but she was always gone before he was certain. He'd tried lingering a little longer, giving her time to approach him but so far it had done little good.
A little distance away, Solace observed her visitor. That is to say, the one who'd been returning here every day. She could not be certain if he was actually coming for her. But the signs seemed to indicate it and she'd been disturbed by it. Strangers invariably brought trouble and change. And Solace enjoyed her peace and stability. Normally she would have used her intimidation skills to chase him away but something had stopped her.
Solace knew she was deluding herself. The sea dragon with his bright orange and yellow colours was handsome indeed. And she had to admit he had done nothing to warrant her chasing him off other than being. She'd chased others off for less though. Retreating, she decided to give it another day.

Time carried on and many would have given up. But not Dayssin. He was after all a very punctual individual. He'd gotten in the habit of taking his morning swim and looking for his elusive dragoness. The daily trip helped him ground himself and the thought of catching a glimpse of her gave his days purpose.
One day though, as he was meditating quietly, Solace finally decided the time was right to approach the visitor and ask him what he was planning. Her question made Dayssin jump and nearly lose his composure.
"I just wanted to talk to you, greet you and ask for your name." Dayssin admitted.
"That's very little to keep coming for." Solace replied cautiously.
"And yet it is a big question." Dayssin retorted.
"My name is Solace and I have been greeted. Does this satisfy your needs?"
"In fact i'd love to learn more." Dayssin admitted, "Would it be an inconvenience if I keep coming? I won't bother you. I promise."
"You are a bother but you haven't done anything wrong. So I guess you can go ahead and visit."
Feeling like he'd won a large battle, Dayssin grinned at Solace to let her know how happy he was. He knew it would take a long time before she let him get closer. But one day he'd know her.

Lantessama Isle
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