The Und-Gang

When you are born you're afraid of the darkness
Then you're afraid of the light
But I'm not afraid when I dance with my shadow
Tonight I'm gonna get it right!


Name Deverang
Age 19
Gender Male
Appearance Deverang has dark brown eyes and long black hair he keeps together in a poney tail. He is of average height and build.
Deverang always wears the leather jacket his father left the day he walked out on him and his mother when she was pregnant of him.
Dollbase found at Josie's Dollz
Thoughts Deverang is rather bittered and sarcastic. He is a real pesimist with a no nonsense attitude and an effective way of keeping people from getting close to him.
Family Parents: Mother Srilla and Father Rhon
Siblings: Deverang
Homeworld Earth
Pets 1 gold firelizard named Erin   (Falas)


Name Stadurm
Age 17
Gender Male
Appearance Stadurm has midnight blue eyes and blond hair that always needs a cut. Stadurm is rather small and he looks fragile, like his mother.
Dollbase found at Josie's Dollz
Thoughts Stadurm lives for the thrill of the heists he and his brother pull off. He is possibly the only one close to his brother and that's the way he likes it. Too many people around end up hurting you.
Family Parents: Mother Stilla and Father Dane
Siblings: Stadurm
Homeworld Earth
Pets 1 bronze firelizard named Meringue and 1 blue firelizard named Saylin   (Falas)


Stadurm and Devrang are candidates at Lantessama Isle

Lyrics taken from 'Taste of India' by Aerosmith
Fonts used are called Abaddon and Carolinga
All background images found with google search engine, dividers here