Legend of the Loreley

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Name: Lore
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Description: Lore is a young woman with honey-blonde hair she usually keeps braided, bright blue eyes and classic features. She usually wears the loose-fitting clothing that most women in the village wear. After she loses her sweetheart she loses herself in grief and turns to dark magic. She becomes a Loreley, a creature of sea and air who lures men to their dead. In this form she has long, wild curly hair and a pale blue skin. 
Personality: Lore is an agreeable woman with a practical disposition and an optimistic outlook on life. All she wanted was to marry her lover and build a family. After she loses him, she turns desperate and callous, turning to magic that chills her to the core and deadens the love and compassion in her heart. 
Quirks: Lore's eyebrows twitch when she lies. 
Hobbies: Lore collects seashells. 

Bond: Tarnished Silver Zakaith (f) from Academia de Magica (Dragon Pact)


Some time had passed and it became clear that Isla was not the place for Lore to impress. When push came to shove, one of the other candidates referred to their home as a place of great knowledge, an academia with vast libraries. With nothing chanigng at isla, Lore ventured forth, taking Brandt with her.
As coincidence would have it, a clutch was residing in the academia and having been properly searched, Lore was allowed to stand for it. And this time her luck proved better. A slightly speckled silver female dragon approached her and said:
"I'm glad you came here. If you'd stayed focused on Isla we would not have met. My name is Zakaith."
Lore felt a calm, compassionate aura warm her from the inside and for a startling moment, her life was complete. The feeling faded a bit but didn't disappear completely and she finally realised how Brandt had felt after he had impresed.

: Zakaith
Gender: Female
     *Colour: Tarnished Silver
     *Rank: High
     *Species: Pernese Dragon
     *Parents: Black Nareth x Brown Vanneth
     *Origin: Academia de Magica (Dragon Pact)
     *Image Credits: Mageling - Owner, Jabberwocky - Shading/Shine, Kitelli - Shading, KaiserFlames - Lineart, Nomi - Colouring
Personality: Compassionate | Contemplative | Hopeful
     *Teleportation/Nexus Teleportation
     *Unassisted Firebreath
     *Elemental Breathweapon: Cold
     *Damage Resistance: Fire + Cold


Zakaith darted away, barely missing Giarunth's claws as he chased her. The copper dragon was smaller than she was and he was very nimble in the air. But he had a tendency to be too sincere so his feints often didn't have their intended effect as Zakaith could always tell what Giarunth was thinking. His tail twitched each time he tried to be untruthful and she handily made use of her knowledge of him.
The two dragons had spent years together while Zakaith grew up and their riders tried to make a semblance of a normal home for themselves. They all lived away from anything remotely passable as a society since Lore still didn't know if she was entirely safe to be aorund. But despite their doubts, nothing had happened.
So when the time had come, Lore and Brandt had agreed to allow Zakaith to rise. Technically other males could chase but as none were around, Zakaith felt that she would at least have to put up a decent fight before giving in. She quite liked Giarunth and his content, quiet manner so similar to her own contemplative, hopeful personality. They were two peas in a pod.
She dipped a wing and sped away again.
"Better learn to hide that tell." she teased.
"I can catch you with all my tells!" Giarunth boasted.
"Let's see about that!"
Giarunth let Zakaith race ahead. She would be his in the end. There was fun in the chase and seeing the beautiful silver dragoness fly. He didn't mind extending the flight a bit. So he looped, feinted and waited for Zakaith to tease and dodge until finally he knew he needed to act or lose. And then he grabbed hold and held on.
"Now you're mine!"



Lantessama Isle
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