~Intergalactic Garbage 'n Other Refuse Eliminators~

The Main Crew

Cedric "Boss" Lahanty
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Description: A tall, muscled man with a scruffy beard and little hair on his head. He has a face that's made to glare and he usually comes across as cross and intimidating. Cedric isn't all that violent but he knows how to use his looks to get ahead and knows when to stay out of things. Which is why he hired Yoshi.  
Job: Heavy demolition, working with cranes and equipment. 
Drive/Motivation: making money by doing what nobody else wants to do.

Oura Shane
Gender: Female
Age: 45
Description: A pale woman with slicked back blond hair. She prefers to stay indoors and out of the sun after a dear friend died of skin cancer. Oura enjoys bar-hopping and drinking but knows her limits and usually doesn't go over them. She is a secretive person by nature and keeps to herself. 
Job: Coordinating, onsite fixes.
Drive/Motivation: Do her job in order to live her life. 

William "Wim" Reynders
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Description: A broad, tanned young man with curly black hair and kind grey eyes. Wim might not be the most intelligent, but he is loyal, dedicated and motivated to give his all for the company. He studies at night and takes in everything Cedric tells him. When he does take the time to relax, he usually just sleeps or watches movies. 
Job: Heavy lifting and manual demolition/excavation.
Drive/Motivation: Wants to make a name for himself, and maybe lead his own team.

River Yser
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Description: Blond-haired and blue-eyed, River looks quite innocent and naive but he isn't. He has been travelling since he was 16 and has learned a lot along the way. When his money runs dry, he works or gambles until he can leave again. Dirty work doesn't bother him, it's not like he'll be doing it for a long time anyway.   
Job: Gofer, added muscle. 
Drive/Motivation: Gaining experience and earning enough so he can move on. 


The Office Crew

Sally Peters 
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Description: A bubbly young woman with long, wavy blond hair. Sally knows she's pretty and spends a lot of time on her appearance. She wouldn't leave the house without styling her hair or putting on make-up. She sings a lot and takes extra lessons in hopes of achieving her dream. She has a lot of free time while waiting for the phone to call. 
Job: Receptionist, secretary.
Drive/Motivation: Making it big in the intergalactic music scene. 

Yoshi Kitamura 
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Description: An elderly gentlemen with receding grey hair and enough wrinkles to give him a wise and calm look. Yoshi knows what is expected from him in the firm and he patiently lets people rant and complain. He gives the customers the sense that they're being heard and then files the complaints in the bin. 
Job: Customer service, Managing clients and complaints. 
Drive/Motivation: Earning enough to live comfortably. 


The Shadowling

Gender: Female
Age: Growing
Species/Type: Unbalanced Shadowling of Destruction
Color: Black-Yellow
Parents: Fantredala and Wuneltszou
Origin: The Abstract Destiny
Personality: Perhaps because she is the only female and thereby closer in kind to her mother than her father, Szedala feels the call of balance somewhat more than most of her clutchmates -- but not completely, and not quite willingly. It's a bit like being the kind of person who has a vocal conscience and then willingly snubs it in favor of doing what she really wants, only to have the guilt niggle at them for weeks afterwards. On the upside, although she cannot feed off the destruction of trash and debris that no longer contains energy of some kind, there are endless amounts to go about destroying. There's catharsis in that unleashing of her powers, even when she's only left hungrier in the aftermath.
Job: Waste disposal unit
     *Destruction-Feeding, Destruction Powers, 
     *Insubstantial Form, Shapeshifting, 
     *Telepathy, Teleportation, Verbal Speech



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